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Communication Technology for Railway Applications

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Duagon is an independent specialist in communications for railway applications. We provide a complete product portfolio for Ethernet (ETH), MVB and CAN communication technology worldwide.

Since being founded in 1995, we have delivered over 150,000 pieces of fieldbus nods. Our interfaces with the PC/104 and PC/30 format are used in well-known projects and applications.

Integrated communications for railway applications

In using our interfaces, important savings can be obtained for the connection of different system buses (Ethernet, MVB, and CAN). This makes it easy to switch between applications.

Integration is simplified with the provided choice of drivers and code sources and can be accomplished quickly and reliably for customer-specific integration requirements.

PC/104 MVB interface D134M.
PC/30 MVB interface D016M.
Ethernet gateways D50x.
Ethernet I/O DXIO0808E.
Ionia TCMS.
PoE Ethernet.
WTB Gateway.

Duagon’s current product groups include:

  • Gateways
  • Analogue and digital IO controller
  • Repeater
  • Ethernet (ETH) interfaces and controller
  • MVB interfaces and controller
  • CAN interfaces and controller
  • Diagnosis systems

Typical applications for the deployment of Duagon instrumentation and control technology include door controls, air conditioning, brake controls, event/crash recorder, displays, GSM, power converter, process controls, remote IOs and battery-charging devices, as well as many others.

Fieldbus interfaces for railway vehicles

The Duagon product portfolio contains solutions for all major field buses used on today’s railway vehicles, including Ethernet, MVB, CAN and RS485/RS422/RS232.

All relevant field bus protocols and features are supported, including:

  • Ethernet: IPTCom, Ethernet/IP (CIP) and Profinet, etc.
  • MVB: process data, message data, bus administrator; EMD/ESD+/OGF
  • CAN: CAN 2.0, CANopen, J1939

The Duagon fieldbus interfaces are available in various form factors such as PC/104, PC/30 (40mm x 85mm), 3U, cPCI and PMC, and for different host interface connections such as parallel, serial, PCI, PCI-Express, etc.

Due to the simple interface link to the customer host system (called UART Emulation), an integration of a Duagon fieldbus interface card into a customer system takes typically 1 to 2 days. The host drivers are available in C source code for free.

Vehicle battery-powered controllers and gateways

On these products, the proven fieldbus technology is combined with a powerful CPU and digital and analog inputs/outputs. There are various product families for the different application areas:

  • DXIO0808 / DAXIO3410: digital and analog input/output controller with Ethernet, MVB or CAN fieldbus connection
  • D50x Ethernet gateways: connect MVB, CAN or RS485/RS422/RS232 sub systems to an Ethernet vehicle bus
  • Controller platforms D429, D427: multiple fieldbus interfaces, powerful CPU, SDRAM and flash, digital outputs can be used as controller or gateway
  • MVB Repeaters D210, D211, D212: interconnect several MVB segments (EMD, ESD+, OGF)

All controller and gateways are delivered with eCos real-time operating system libraries to access the hardware and demonstration software.

All products are directly powered from vehicle battery supporting all nominal battery voltages from 24V up to 110V. The robust stainless-steel housings can all be mounted on DIN rails.

Riedstrasse 12
CH 8953 Dietikon

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