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System Solutions and Monitoring Systems for Rail Transport Technology

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DEUTA is a globally operating company, specialised in developing, manufacturing and providing components and systems for modern rail transport technology. With our expert know-how, we are constantly setting new standards in the areas of transport safety and efficiency.

Multifunction terminals for modern rail transport technology

DEUTA multifunction terminals are the optimal solution for customised display and visualisation applications. All units are based on the same technological and design concept: a baseboard containing all the interfaces, plus an integrated PC.

This concept ensures easy portability of the client’s software across the different terminal models. All DEUTA multifunction terminals feature rugged displays with high contrast and brightness. Our clients profit from the excellent price / performance ratio, combined with high MTBF and optimised lifecycle costs.

Depending on the application and the installation conditions, there are different display sizes available, and a variety of Fieldbus and interface variants combined with a choice of available operating systems. The terminals support QNX, LINUX, Microsoft Windows and DOS.

Multifunction terminals with IconTrust safety option.
REDBOX multifunction recorders - one platfrom - many variants.
Multifunction terminals - everything from one source.
Our sensors are robust and reliable.

Safe circuit indicators for railway TFT panels

IconTrust is the solution for all TFT panels which must be safe and therefore must conform to a certain safety integrity level (SIL). The safe circuit IconTrust monitors dedicated areas on the TFT panel and distinguishes between safety and non-safety related information.

To display areas of the screen containing critical safety information, rectangular windows are configured in IconTrust as a monitoring area. IconTrust can monitor over 100 areas including overlapping areas, simultaneously and independently. When anomalies occur, a corresponding safety reaction is triggered.

Depending on their application, analogue indicators are further divided into eddy-current, moving-coil, and stepper-motor types. Each type has three things in common – security, precision and high availability.

DEUTA indicators can process a wide variety of inputs – whether current, voltage, or pulse-width modulated signals. Any kind of physical parameters can be displayed, depending on the electronics integrated in the indicator.

Radar, pick-up and axle-mounted sensors for railway systems

The quality and ruggedness, reliability and built-in diagnostics of sensors have a significant impact on the accuracy and security of the overall system. The different signal types of the interfaces ensure secure data transfers.

DEUTA’s range of sensor products are based on three types of measuring principles – radar sensors, pick-up sensors, and axle-mounted sensors.

Train monitoring and control recorders

DEUTA has steadily continued to develop recording devices for train monitoring and train control. We offer customised train safety solutions for railway operators, system integrators and suppliers.

DEUTA REDBOX multifunction recorder solutions are based on national and international standards in railway, communications and networking technologies. From simple data loggers to complex recorder systems, DEUTA offers integrated and cost-effective leading-edge solutions for train control.

The multifunction recorders optimally adapt to any vehicle environment. The sophisticated REDBOX concept offers travel data recording and innovative service and evaluation options – compact and usable worldwide. Thanks to the web interface, the REDBOX recorders offer completely new service opportunities.

DEUTA REDBOXes are optimised for different applications. The multifunction recorders can be used in standard-gauge railways, regional railways, trams and locomotives. They optimally integrate into the ATP automated train protection. DEUTA produces the suitable REDBOX for your individual need.

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