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Vehicle Display and Computer Systems for Urban Transportation

DA-Design Oy
Keskuskatu 29
FI-31600 Finland

DA-Design specialises in producing robust vehicle display and computer systems for public transportation. We provide vehicle manufacturers and operators with customised and standard aspect ratio DAVED LCD displays and DAVEC vehicle computer systems.

Our display and computer systems present a sound investment for operators as products are robust and durable to meet the demands of extreme environments. Displays can easily be customised for special uses, which are suitable for challenging retrofitting of existing fleet. Additionally, the display system offers operators excellent opportunities to collaborate with advertisers to run their campaigns in vehicle display media and passenger information.

Backlighted LED displays for long life and high brightness

DAVED LCDs have integrated display controllers with a large amount of different interfaces. The products can work as part of an information system or stand-alone. The displays, which can be connected to Ethernet or WLAN networks or directly to GPRS / 3G networks, can also be controlled by using many serial connections or the displays can work stand-alone according to timed content.

The products are designed to have a low lifecycle cost with durable and lightweight displays, as well as low energy and maintenance requirements. Aluminium profile housing with anti-reflective and hardened front glass is ruggedised to withstand demanding use in public environments. Each display has a mounting possibility to walls or ceilings, which can be mounted in the portrait or landscape position.

Open vehicle computer interfaces for integration and operation

DA-Design provides DAVEC vehicle computers for open IP networks. The DAVEC vehicle computer works as part of the network managing all devices in open IP networks, including the displays (LED, LCD), user interfaces, CCTV cameras and servers, audio announcements by using IP audio amplifiers and interface to outer networks.

DA-Design can also provide user interfaces for drivers by using high-brightness LCD displays and touch-screens or separate buttons.

Advanced electronic solutions

DA-Design is the 7th Sense Solutions provider and partner for vehicle manufacturers and public transportation operators, defence and space authorities, as well as the industry sector. Our 7th Sense Solutions provide a cost-effective way to increase the performance of applications with new solutions or replacing and modernising existing systems with cutting-edge electronics.

Our efficient, high-performance solutions are used in various demanding environments from sea depths to space vacuum.

The proven DA7 Quality System meets public transportation requirements and the key standards: ISO 9001:2008 and product assurance fully compliant to EN50155 standard, ‘Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock’. The company also fulfils military and space requirements.

Please contact us for more detailed specifications and technical drawings.

7th Sense Solutions – From the Depths of Sea Up to Space

The Finnish technology company's primary clients today are space and defence authorities and integrators, global industrial and manufacturing companies, public transportation operators and vehicle manufactures. The common denominator is demanding and extremely reliable solutions.

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