Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP) provides advanced high-quality design and manufacture of rugged embedded computer solutions for the railway industry.

Our board and system solutions include products for encoding or decoding H.264 video, storage, processing, streaming and manipulation. Products are used worldwide in demanding railway industry projects.

Embedded video solutions for railway

Board level products include serial communication controllers such as high-level data link control (HDLC) / synchronous data link control (SDLC), CANbus, RS232/422/485, multi-channel Ethernet switching and wireless local area network (WLAN). Other systems featured in the range are H.264 video codecs, display format converters, capture frame grabbers, as well as streaming and recording modules.

System level products are available such as the multi-channel video streamer / server and a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) multi-channel video acquisition appliance.

AMP’s AVC8000nano eight-channel video capture and overlay controller is available on a single Mini PCI Express card.
Our DXStream-HDMI is an ultra-low latency H.264 streaming solution designed to receive, decode, and display encoded video streams.
The HDLC-cPCIs is a high-level data link control (HDLC) communications controller that provides four independent configurable channels.

Various form factors offered include miniPCIe, PC104, CompactPCI-Serial, switched mezzanine card (XMC), and PCI mezzanine card (PMC), along with driver and software development kits provided for Windows or Linux.

Our rugged solutions have an ultra-low latency, with operating temperatures between -40˚C and 85˚C.

Railway infrastructure and signalling systems

Mass transit railway signalling, control and monitoring systems are heavily based on legacy systems that require refurbishment and maintenance. This allows railways to handle increasing passenger demand, as well as improving safety and comfort levels. These legacy systems can rarely be replaced wholesale so migration to new systems requires adaptable interface boards that can allow the legacy devices to be integrated with modern systems.

Our HDLC-cPCIs features four HDLC synchronous serial data ports that are used to create point-to-point links for a range of legacy railway equipment. Each port of the HDLC-cPCIs has a selectable RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 electrical interface, as well as 2000Vrms galvanic isolation to handle adverse environments.

The host system provides an Ethernet connection to join to TCP/IP networking infrastructure. The system allows legacy HDLC-enabled equipment to be controlled and supervised from remote control centres. There is four-channel concurrent operation in extended temperature ranges.

Mass transit safety monitoring software

Railway system operators are increasingly looking to automation to improve safety and boost the efficiency of commuter transportation.

Our VCODEC-H264-D4 Recording and Preview offers complete situational awareness for train drivers with high-quality multi-channel video recording to archive materials if they are required in future.

The system is suitable for use on railway systems such as underground or metro commuter networks. It can be set up with multiple cameras inside the vehicle to cover all angles, in addition to cameras monitoring door closures on both sides of the vehicle. Between four and six displays are available for the driver console, with a latency of less than 100ms.

About Advanced Micro Peripherals

Established in 1993, AMP is an ISO-9001 registered manufacturer of advanced embedded boards and system solutions based in Cambridge, UK. We have a sales office in New York, US, to accommodate customers in North and South America.

We have a high level of technical expertise in embedded video compression, display, conversion and product design for central processing unit (CPU) cards and communication products. Our engineering team designs all products, which allows us to offer detailed technical support to our customers. We can diagnose problems and recommend the most cost-effective solution from our standard product range or a customised alternative.

Pre and post sales support are essential for AMP to ensure long-term customer relationships. To assist us with this, we use management tools to record, track and respond to technical support issues and share information received through the support channel.