Rail & Road Protec (R2P) develops and delivers innovative integrative system solutions for the railway industry. It specialises in supplying quality integrated solutions for the railway industry, including saloon CCTV, forward-facing CCTV, driver-only operation camera (DOO) systems, and PIS and fleet management.

R2P provides a unique technology platform characterised by lean hardware, a central PC on-board unit and a focus on a limited number of main components. It offers reliability of almost 100%.

Saloon CCTV and driver-only operation camera systems

R2P develops, manufactures and implements integrated system solutions for the railway industry. All R2P systems are fully approved for on-train installations. R2P’s onboard products portfolio includes:

  • Saloon CCTV systems
  • Forward-facing CCTV systems
  • Driver-only operation (DOO) CCTV systems
  • Automatic passenger counting systems
  • On-train systems status monitoring
  • Fleet management systems

Rail-approved hybrid recorders for analogue and digital CCTV systems

As the leading supplier of rail-approved hybrid recorder, R2P supplies both analogue and digital CCTV solutions, including:

CA 4 mini dome camera.
R16 recorder.
Driver-only operation camera (DOO).
System status.
  • Real-time wireless retrieval of footage
  • MJEPG, MPEG4 and H.264 compression technologies
  • Up to 850 FPS high resolution (the mobile CCTV industry’s most powerful recorder)
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Linux-based operating system, high reliability with EN 50155, TX temperature range (-40°C to +85°C)

R2P is a global leader in its field, offering a complete system technology from a single source and ensuring that individual systems interact intelligently.

CCTV technology for the UK rail market

In 2011 R2P was awarded substantial orders in the UK rail market. South West Trains and Porterbrook Leasing have awarded R2P the contract for saloon CCTV and the forward-facing CCTV system for class 158 and 159 fleets.

R2P is also fitting the new CCTV recorders on South West Trains class 455 and 458 fleets. New Croydon Trams being built by Stadler will have R2P CCTV technology. Siemens Transport has awarded a major contract to R2P to replace existing CCTV systems recorders on class 360, 444 and 450 fleets in the UK.

Live and recorded train footage with 3G real-time connection

R2P products carry the quality ‘made in Germany’ seal as the products are made by a dedicated team with extensive experience in new technology. R2P takes pride in providing quality products at economical prices. Modern transmission technology facilitates the uninterrupted exchange of data between the vehicle and the control centre. R2P customers are able to see a live view from the train as well as recorded footage from the train from their office over a 3G real-time connection.

Innovative technology for the global rail market

R2P employs a cross-cultural and inspirational team that has great potential for innovation. The R2P team is continuously pushing the technology boundary to bring better quality solutions at competitive prices for its customers in the global rail market.

Many things will change in the future but R2P is prepared for this challenge because it believes in ‘visions on the move.’