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Polymer Springs, Buffer Springs and Draw-Gear Springs

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DUREL® has years of experience in providing high-performance polymer springs for buffers and draw-gears to all contractors in the railway industry. We offer a wide range of buffer springs, draw-gear springs and combi-springs for all rail applications.

Spring systems for buffers

Our DP 30 buffer springs are ideal for use on locomotives, freight wagons and special railcars. They are versatile spring systems that can be used in all buffer casings.

The DP 30 belongs to the A+/40KJ (dynamic) buffer spring category, and it complies with UIC specifications 526-1 and 827-1. The EBA certification number is 01J07A.

Compact buffer spring

The DP 30K is similar to the DP 30 buffer spring. Ideal for use on all locomotives and freight wagons, the DP 30K can also be used with all buffer casings.

The DP 30K is a compact buffer spring and it can be used and handled very easily. Like the DP 30, it complies with UIC specifications 526-1 and 827-1, and the EBA certification number is 05B09A.

Draw-gear spring

The DZ 20 is just one of the draw-gear spring models offered by DUREL. The DX 20 draw-gear spring is ideal for use on a range of rail applications, including freight coaches, passenger coaches, locomotives and special railcars.

This reliable spring is ideal for use with all draw bars with forks. Its low weight is also one of its most useful features.

The DZ 20 draw-gear spring complies with UIC specifications 520 and 827-1 and its EBA certification number is 01J08A.

High-performance polymer springs

DUREL’s high-performance polymer springs are all resistant to chemicals, grease, oils and solvent, making them suitable for all railway applications. They boast DUREL’s unbeatable high-energy absorbtion with damping of >50%. Small production lots are available and DUREL is happy to supply the smaller contractor.

Other benefits of DUREL’s railway springs include:

  • Compliance with UIC-norm
  • Completely recyclable
  • Short delivery time
  • Compact insert dimensions, low weight and volume
  • Large scale of driving comfort ensured by low level of twisting
  • Maintenance-free
  • Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -60°C up to +50°C

Tailor-made buffer springs

Innovative applications require a tailor-made solution. If you have special pre-requisites that our standard springs don’t fulfil, we can, together with our partners, develop a tailor-made solution for you.

We have already realised a large number of customised springs. We can work closely with you, combining your needs and ideas with our professional experience and skill, to produce a polymer spring that fulfils all your requirements.

For Your Safety: Durel Polymer Spring Systems

The DUREL brand name stands for excellence in high-performance polymer spring systems. We manufacture proven and reliable springs for draw gears, buffers, draft gears and coupling systems that are used in rail cars, engineering and industrial applications worldwide.

Durel Extending its Product Portfolio

DUREL, an expert in the field of damping technologies with high-performance polymer springs for draw gears and buffers that are used in rail cars and engineering, is currently extending its product portfolio and further expanding into the industrial sector.

DUREL to Showcase Products at Innotrans 2014

DUREL's high-performance polymer springs for buffers, draw gears, draft gears and couplers will be present again on the world's foremost railway exhibition InnoTrans 2014, which will be taking place from 23 - 26 September in Berlin, Germany.


Rheinstraße 14

57638 Neitersen