Dressage Engineering

Dressage Engineering repairs and maintains public transport vehicles, including rail cars and trams.

The company uses state-of-the-art technology to test braking, electrical and air conditioner systems for trams, light rail and metro vehicles, as well as buses.

Air conditioning systems and maintenance for rail vehicles

The company designs, installs, tests and maintains air conditioning systems for urban and light rail vehicles.

Dressage Engineering tests and maintains braking, electronic and air-conditioning systems for rail vehicles.
The company maintains hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems.
Dressage Engineering designs and installs air-conditioning systems aboard rail vehicles.
Spare parts available include overhead power supplies, communication systems, compressors, air-conditioning equipment, chassis parts and door barriers.
The company reverse-engineers discontinued components.

Dressage Engineering also designs driver’s cabin doors and screens to provide a secure, climate-controlled environment.

Hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems

Dressage Engineering maintains, tests and supplies hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems for rolling stock, as well as components such as hydro units and disc brake actuators.

The company also performs in-house oil testing using its Laspac 1 laser particle counter, provides clients with computer-generated test reports, and cleans hydraulic oil filters.

Original equipment manufacturer components and spare parts

Spare parts can be provided to maintain light rail, trams, buses and metro vehicles, in addition to mass transit systems produced by AEG, ASEA, BBC, BREDA, SIEMENS-DUEWAG, MERCEDES, MAN, UTDC, BN and BOMBARDIER.

Other spare parts available include electrical brake equipment, overhead power supplies, compressors, communication systems, air-conditioning equipment, chassis parts and door barriers.

The company reverse-engineers discontinued components and sources original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems such as proportional valves, pressure switches and slide-slip control items.

Electrical components for rail vehicles

Dressage Engineering supplies spare parts, repairs and maintenance services for electronic equipment, including Deuta Electronic components, including speedometers, tacho generators and speed relays.

About Dressage Engineering

With more than 40 years of industry experience, Dressage Engineering has expanded to become the main servicing company for the Melbourne transport industry. Its past projects include the installation of air-conditioning systems for the city’s Z1/2/3, A1/2 Class trams.