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Springs for the Railway Industry

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BAUMANN SPRINGS, founded in 1886, is a producer of a wide variety of springs for the railway industry and other markets. Local and global solutions are provided, tailored perfectly to the individual requirements of our customers whether they are in engineering, railway technology, power generation, engines, automotive, electronics, electrical engineering, fittings, furniture or medical.

We are fully customised in terms of joint technical specifications and product development, together with the efficiency of production processes, packing and transportation logistics.

Cold or hot-formed compression springs

We provide cold or hot-formed compression springs, in small and large diameters, made of alloyed or unalloyed spring steel.

Tension and torsion springs

Our tension and torsion springs are individually designed with special spring ends for any installation scenario, with static and dynamic loading.

Formed wires

Round or profile formed wires come in a large variety of forms for a broad range of applications.

Cold or hot-formed spiral springs

BAUMANN SPRINGS provides spiral springs in all dimensions and strip lengths, whether cold or hot-formed.

Wave springs

We offer wave springs for a wide range of applications, available in large lot sizes in various materials.

Wrap springs

Among many applications, our wrap springs are used in clutches and overrunning or load-limiting devices.

Custom pressings and stampings

Our range of custom pressings and stampings for rail applications can be made from any material, from sample to large series production runs, using in-house tool manufacture.

High-precision forming and surface technology

We provide high-precision forming, including for parts without spring function. Furthermore, our wide range of surface technology possibilities includes cleaning, deburring, shot peening, glass and sandblasting, phosphatising, DELTA MKS and powder coating.

ISO-certified supplier of springs for railway applications

All BAUMANN SPRING companies are certified to ISO 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 14001 standards. All our people are focused on quality, and we promote a sense of responsibility as well as continuing professional development.

We provide the best technology to ensure extraordinary customer solutions. Cold or hot forming and shaping material to create innovative products and applications is not just our core business, but our passion.


We are a worldwide leader in springs, and have constantly adapted and successfully changed to circumstances. Today, the independent company in family ownership has 11 production facilities with 1,200 employees on three continents and acts as a network with benefits to a wide range of greatly satisfied customers.

At BAUMANN SPRINGS, a partnership with customer-oriented strategy built for the long term includes clear commitments. We want to be one of our customers’ most important partners, enjoy preferred status and develop innovations and grow together. We are willing to invest ourselves and our resources to do so.

We can deliver, and you can be assured that we’re constantly setting ourselves new goals; and together with you, we work to achieve them all.

CH – 8630 Rueti

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