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Wheels, Wheel Centers, Tyres and Axles

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KLW Wheelco SA is the marketing, distribution and export sales company of global pipes and railway wheels producer, Interpipe. Based in Lugano, KLW Wheelco supplies high quality railway wheels to customers from over 60 countries including Europe, North America, Asia and the CIS.

Our products are certified by the national railway operators of the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary.

Railway wheels and tyres for railway operators

KLW is committed to providing the highest quality railway wheels according to the specifications and requirements of the customer, corresponding to demanding international standards.

Our products are guaranteed by the quality management system ISO 9001 and certified by TSI, DB, AAR etc. Quality control is enforced at all stages of product manufacturing from steel melting to the acceptance test of wheels and tyres.

Railway wheels for freight and passenger cars, locomotives and mass transportation cars

The KLW insignia unites about 240 types of railway wheels for freight and passenger cars, locomotives and mass transportation cars. We also provide 80 types of railway tyres for locomotives, freight and passenger cars.

Tyres and wheels are manufactured according to the specifications and requirements of the customer as per the norms of international standards.

Rail vehicle wheels and tyres

Features of our rail vehicle wheels include:

  • Outside diameter: 700mm – 1269mm
  • Inside diameter: 600mm – 1100mm
  • Width of rim: 95mm – 160mm
  • Height of hub: 90mm – 300mm
  • Mass: 165kg – 1050kg

Features of our tyres include:

  • Outside diameter: 690mm – 1300mm
  • Inside diameter: 550mm – 1100mm
  • Width of rim: 80mm – 150mm
  • Mass: 100mm – 600kg

Interpipe Presents Wheel Brand KLW in Canada

One of the largest global manufacturers of railway wheels, Interpipe, has presented its wheel brand KLW to the 10th International Conference of the Association of Heavy-Load Transport, which took place on 19-22 June in Calgary, Canada. The Association of Heavy-Load Transport (INNA) is the authori

Interpipe Presents Forthcoming International Wheelset Congress in France

Interpipe has started to promote the 17th International Wheelset Congress in the international railway industry sector. One of the first events, where Interpipe presented the Wheelset Congress, was the World Congress of Railway Research (WCRR), which was held from 21-26 May in Lille, France.

Bombardier Transportation visited Interpipe NTRP

The representatives of Bombardier Transportation, the global leader in rail technology visited Interpipe NTRP, producer of the railway wheels under KLW brand. The delegation of Bombardier Transportation included top procurement people from the UK, Germany and Poland. The main reason for the visit

Interpipe Launches New Product Website

Steel pipe and railway wheel company Interpipe has announced the launch of a new product website (, created for its clients in the railway industry. On the new website customers have the possibility to read the latest news about the wheel brand KLW, receive information about the resul

Interpipe Presents its KLW Brand Wheels in China

Leading steel pipe and railway wheel company Interpipe presented its KLW wheel products at the 9th International Heavy Haul Conference and Exhibition for Modern Railways 2009, which was held from 22 – 25 June 2009 in Shanghai, China. Interpipe delivered a technical report to conference delegates

KLW Wheels Products Receive Railway Group Standard Certificate

Interpipe NTRP mill (Dnepropetrovsk), which produces railway wheels and wheel treads under the KLW brand, has passed an audit for the certification of both equipment and employees working at the non-destructive examination line of railway wheels. These wheels are supplied for export in accordance

Interpipe NTRP Successfully Passes Association of American Railroads Audit

Interpipe NTRP mill (Dnepropetrovsk), manufacturers of railway wheels under the KLW brand, has successfully passed an audit by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). The audit confirmed that the Quality Management System is effective and meets the AAR M-1003 industry standard. Dur