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Composite Solutions for Safety Critical Rail Applications

TENMAT manufacturers advanced reinforced composites for the freight and passenger railway industries, used in safety critical applications, such as centre pivot lines, hook guiding plates, bearer lines and brake bushes.

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TENMAT manufacturers advanced reinforced composites for the freight and passenger railway industries, used in safety critical applications, such as centre pivot lines, hook guiding plates, side bearer lines, brake bushes and many other tailored wear prevention products.

TENMAT is the only company worldwide that can manufacture genuine RAILKO and FEROFORM materials. TENMAT and RAILKO bearings and wear parts have been approved and specified by large railway authorities and train manufacturers for their safety critical applications, due to the major benefits of using TENMAT reinforced composites.

TENMAT products are self-lubricating, and have solved many issues, including high-wear rates, noise pollution, corrosion, mating component protection and many others.

Composite centre pivot liners to avoid accidents

RAILKO NF21 is a reinforced composite and is the only material to be fully specified by the UIC and all major railway authorities. RAILKO NF21 Centre Pivot Liners (CPLs) provide its end user peace of mind in this safety critical application, reducing the risk of train derailment.

RAILKO NF21 CPLs are recognised as a high-performing, long-lasting replacement for steel and thermoplastic alternatives in the industry.

Features of RAILKO NF21 CPLs include wear rates up to ten times less than its competitors, full International Union of Railways (UIC) approval, controlled and stable friction, excellent compressive strength, and maintenance-free.

Stable side bearer liners resistant to water swell and thermal expansion

RAILKO NF21 side bearer liners (SBLs) significantly improve train safety, as they are dimensionally stable and do not creep, being resistant to both water swell and thermal expansion.

RAILKO NF21 SBLs are the product of choice at SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, Renfe, Trenitalia and other major railway authorities.

Advantages of RAILKO NF21 SBLs include significantly lower wear rates compared to thermoplastics, full UIC approval, controlled and stable friction, and excellent compressive strength.

Advanced composite noise-reducing brake bushes

RAILKO NF22 reinforced composite bushes are proven to lower noise by up to 13dB (A), compared with steel bushes.

RAILKO NF22 composite bushes provide protection to pins, shafts and housings against costly wear. The brake bushes have a very low water swell and thermal expansion, which enables tighter running clearances and longer bearing life.

Features of RAILKO NF22 Bushes include significantly lower noise then steel, high resistance to abrasive particles and ease of installation.

Friction damper bushes for suspension dampening and protection against bogie housing ovalisation

RAILKO RG15 has been specially formulated and manufactured for friction damper applications. RAILKO RG15 friction damper bushes are used to provide optional suspension dampening to the system.

RAILKO RG15 offers complete protection against ovalisation to the bogie housing and wear onto the damper plunger.

Benefits of RAILKO RG15 Bushes include excellent impact and vibration absorption, significantly lower noise than steel, low water swell, high temperature resistance and outstanding strength capabilities.

Reinforced hook guide plates for harsh, damaging environments

RAILKO NF21 hook guide plates are the material of choice over standard steel and lower quality plastics. The reinforced matrix structure of RAILKO NF21 withstands even the most abrasive of environments.

RAILKO NF21 hook guide plates are corrosion-free and self-lubricating, meaning they provide complete protection to the expensive draw hook.

Features of RAILKO NF21 hook guide plates include high-resistance to abrasive environments, superior protection to the draw hook, noise reduction, no maintenance requirement and excellent wear rates.

Horn block axial guide plates for corrosion protection and suspension dampening

RAILKO NF21 hook guide plates exert a high-resistance to abrasive particles, providing excellent protection to the axial guide and bogie frame. RAILKO NF21 provides vital dampening to the suspension system, and complete protection against corrosion.

RAILKO NF21 horn block axial guide plates also reduce running noise compared with manganese steel.

Advantages of RAILKO NF21 horn block liners include high resistance to abrasive environments, high dimensional stability, superior protection from wear, lower noise and excellent material strength.


TENMAT has designed, manufactured and supplied the railway industry with innovative composite rail components for more than 100 years. TENMAT deals with a variety of large railway authorities, including Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, RENFE, British Rail and many others. In 2006, TENMAT LTD purchased RAILKO LTD, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of TENMAT.

TENMAT has designed and manufactured industry leading products, which have evolved to become the industry standard in many areas. TENMAT not only manufactures standard bearings and wear parts, but also tailor-made solutions to operate in specialised applications, where customers previously had problems with alternative materials.

Railway Freight Bogies Safety Concerns

Recent issues with abnormal wear of safety critical components in bogies and resulting derailments have caused further investigations of the non-metallic parts.

TENMAT RAILKO Freight Rail Catalogue

TENMAT's proprietary self-lubricating composite materials RAILKO and FEROFORM are widely recognised as the industry standard for demanding applications within the railways industry.

Pendolino Tilting Train

Pendolino is a high-speed tilting train manufactured by Alstom Ferroviaria. It travels at speeds up to 250km/h on the conventional tracks, eliminating the need for specially laid tracks.

Noise Reducing Railko NF22 Brake Bushes

TENMAT RAILKO are manufacturing and supplying non-metallic reinforced composite bushes which have been proven to significantly reduce the noise produced from train wagon braking systems.

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