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Ringrollers is internationally accepted as one of the best manufacturers of railway forged tyres, exporting more than 50% of its manufactured products to 42 countries. This ISO 9001:2000 accredited company has created a niche market for itself by adhering to strict quality control measures and standards.

Ringrollers not only produces high-quality products, but also ensures the ultimate safety of rail users through its philosophy of only using top-quality materials in the manufacturing process.

Railway, underground mine railway, light railway and tram forged tyres

The company provides an exemplary service to the rolling stock, mining and industrial markets by producing railway tyres and tram tyres for long-distance national railways; underground railway tyres for different types of mining operations; and light railway tyres for the metro and tram sector.

Specialised petrochemical and industrial flanges and forgings

The company also supplies specialised flanges and forgings for petrochemical and other industrial concerns, including large project-based contracts for fabricators and project engineers.

Ringrollers is one of the best forged rail tyre manufacturers worldwide.
Ringrollers exports more than 50% of its forged railway tyres.
Ringrollers ensures the safety of rail users by using top-quality materials.
Railway, underground mine railway, light railway and tram forged tyres are amongst our capabilities.
Other forged products include seamless steel rings used for bearings and gear blanks.

Seamless steel rings

The general engineering industry benefits from a variety of forged products such as seamless steel rings used for bearings and gear blanks, off-road vehicle rims, wind tower flanges and components for general industrial applications.

Rail forged tyre plant and facilities

Situated on an 18,000m² site, the 8,500m² undercover plant boasts the largest, fully automated axial/radial ring mill on the African continent, allowing it to produce rings with greater accuracy. The ring mill is able to produce seamless steel rings from 300mm to 4,000mm in outside diameter, with a maximum finished weight of up to 3.5t and 140t radial and 125t axial capability.

There are also four presses, with the largest having a 2,500t capacity. The recently commissioned heat-treatment facility consists of two austenitising furnaces, polymer quench tank, cooling station, charging machine and tempering furnace. The machine shop contains twelve CNC machines, an NC drill and five manual machines. The saw bay is able to handle ingots and billets to a maximum weight of 20t and 1,000mm in diameter.

Ringrollers is the largest manufacturer of rings in the southern hemisphere and has retained this position by continuously keeping abreast of new technology and upgrading equipment to ensure that best practice is achieved at all times. The company is OHSAS 18001 accredited and also carries product accreditation from numerous organisations including British Rail, Deutsche Bahn and the American Petroleum Institute (API).


Ringrollers (a Division of DCD-Dorbyl [Pty] Ltd)
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