Spherical Plain, Roller and Ball Bearings for the Rail Industry

19, av. de Norvège, ZA de Courtaboeuf 1, 91953 Les Ulis CEDEX,Other, France

19, av. de Norvège, ZA de Courtaboeuf 1, 91953 Les Ulis CEDEX,Other, France

RBC FRANCE is a sales subsidiary of US-based company RBC Bearings Incorporated. RBC Bearings manufacture and market highly engineered precision plain, roller and ball bearings in many sizes for sophisticated applications. RBC FRANCE is located near Paris, in Les Ulis, France. RBC FRANCE markets the products of RBC Bearings in France, Spain, Portugal, Benelux and Turkey. French customers account for approximately 80% of its turnover, with the remaining 20% made up from exports. RBC FRANCE supplies the following industries: aerospace, railway, and general industry and distribution.

Spherical plain bearings for high-speed, intercity and regional trains

RBC FRANCE supply products for rail passenger vehicles for very-high-speed trains, intercity and regional trains, EMU’s, DMU’s, urban trains, metro systems and trams, to both OEMs and users. The products are spherical plain bearings with maintenance free and with inner ring or ball shaft. The spherical plain bearings are used on bogies on for coach-to-coach dampers, yaw dampers and also inter car coupling systems and other applications. RBC France also supply completely assembled connecting rods for antiroll bars systems.

Spherical plain and elastometric bearings

We have also developed a range of new products, spherical plain bearings and elastomeric bearings performing in demanding applications that do not allow any clearance in the joint, in vibration environment, and under reverse loads. Our maintenance free bearings, with various liners (Uniflon E, Uniflon VV, etc.) are produced by RBC SCHAUBLIN in Switzerland.

Bearing for rolling-stock applications

The 25 years of experience we have in the rolling-stock applications industry gives our current and future customers confidence in our product and technology offerings. We provide a reactive technical support to our customers, with Schaublin’s Engineering department, CAD and FEM programs, and test rigs.


19, av. de Norvège, ZA de Courtaboeuf 1

91953 Les Ulis CEDEX



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