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Standardised and Customised Connecting Parts in Railway Assembly

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High-tech metal components and engineering solutions

Nosta is the global specialist in high-tech metal components and engineering solutions. With our four ranges, Nosta standard, Nosta connect, Nosta rail and Nosta tailor made, we have positioned our company as a quality supplier to high growth markets.

You will find the standard DIN 508 as well as various assembly components for all kinds of C-rails used in railway cars.

We count the global players and their Kanban service providers among our customers.

Standard connecting parts according to DIN

One of our core competences is our production-form cold-drawn profiles for power transmission shaft-hub connections as well as fixing and fastening components. Besides that we also offer a high variety of pins according to the norm.

Pins are one of our segments according to DIN; cylindrical, taper and grooved pins are compliant with DIN / ISO.
Rail connecting parts, created out of a T-slot sliding nut and a 8.8 screw, with exactly defined strength of the connection, e.g. saving costs and assembling time; also used for high-pressure connections.
Special technical rail components for the boogie or under-floor assembling; coated with Geomed; used for fixing very heavy aggregates under the body.
Our components and rail assembly system are based on standardised C-rails, press-fitted or for retro fitting. These assembly rails can be supplied in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. At its best, it is extruded together with the car body.
Cold drawn profiles; the semi-finished products for our finished machined parts are produced to high-quality standards.

We offer the following parts according to DIN:

  • DIN 6885 parallel keys, DIN 6888 woodruff keys, steel keys including DIN 6881, DIN 6886, DIN 6887, key steel DIN 6880 and 6882, DIN 508 T-nuts
  • Pins: DIN 7; DIN 6325; DIN 7979 and DIN 705 set collars.

Our components are used in clutches, under-floor technology including universal mounts, interior fittings such as supports, seats or fairing mounts, and general wagon building.

Various connecting parts

Our versatile productions facilities enable us to offer our assembly technology customers a significant reduction in the amount of work involved with assembly.

We provide rhomboid T-slots, sliding nuts, T-slot sliding nuts, T-slot bolts, C-rail systems, hammer head screws and hammer head bolts.

Tailor-made components for the rail industry

In tailor-made production, our customers are able to harness the tremendous advantages our company offers. We provide service and expertise on cost optimisation, engineering and for special requests.

We also manufacture components that require a tailor-made solution using machinery and equipment from our own mechanical engineering facility. Additionally, we can develop and build the required testing equipment, complying with the strictest quality standards.

Rail parts and components

Maximum safety is our utmost priority in passenger and goods transport. Thanks to our high standards of quality and our reliability, we have been supplying the rail industry with various assembly components for many years. One key advantage in this, of course, is also our engineering experts.

We offer C-rails, systems, technical rail components, T-slot bolts (standardised), T-slot sliding nuts (standardised), laser-cut parts and customised parts, for use in the railway industry.

These parts are used in:

  • Clutches
  • Underfloor technology such as universal mounts (see also standardised components)
  • Interior fittings such as supports, seats, assemblies and fairing mounts
  • Wagon building

Standardised components for rails cars

Significant cost savings can be achieved through standardisation. We offer you a standardised range, based on a C-rail standard for integration into the aluminium extrusion segments of the railcar body or for later installation, as well as the matching fastening elements.

The benefits for you include:

  • Cost-optimised production
  • Excellent warehouse stock availability
  • Superlative quality standards

Corrosion-resistant connecting parts and components

We use stainless steel such as 1.4301, 1.4571 and 1.4462 for higher technical requirements and corrosion resistance, as well as unalloyed or low-alloy steels and aluminium-made corrosion-resistant materials, which are produced through suitable coating processes such as Geomet, Delta Seal, etc.

With our wide production possibilities, we can produce a range of different products. These are categorised into four product ranges: standard, connect, rail and tailor-made.

ISO-certified standard rail parts and components

Quality is NOSTA’s trademark and is of the utmost priority to us. We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO TS 16949. Our in-house technologies also safeguard NOSTA’s characteristic quality across all our processes and products.

Extensive component and part production

Our extensive production skills include:

  • Sawing, high-speed part-off process (adiabatic)
  • Barrel finishing with centrifugal or rotary systems
  • Conventional vertical and horizontal milling machines
  • CNC machining centres with up to five axes
  • Surface grinders, double-sided grinding machines
  • Lapping, ultrafine grinding
  • Drilling, counter boring, reaming and threading
  • Transfer machines for drilling, milling, reaming, threading and welding
  • Assemblies
  • Heat treatment and galvanic surface finishing with specialist firms
  • Laser cutting (steel up to 12mm, stainless steel up to 10mm, aluminium up to 4mm)
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