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Railway Wheel Sets, Freight Wagons and Passenger Coaches

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The plant of Kolowag, Septemvri, Bulgaria, was founded in 1941 as a railway-carriage repair workshop. Kolowag now has 60 years’ experience of freight wagons and 26 years’ experience in wheel sets production.

Kolowag is the fastest growing enterprise on European wheel sets market. Based on a big investment programme of approximately €12m, we have increased our production of wheel sets by 25 times since 2006.

With our new and modern production and control equipment, Kolowag guarantees high-quality products. Kolowag has been accepted and approved by the largest railcar owners and railcar producers across Europe.

Railway wheel sets for freight vehicles

Kolowag offers railway wheel sets for all types of freight vehicles. This includes the most conventional European wheel sets (all TSI approved) for 25t, 23.5t, 22.5t and 20t axle load as well as railway wheel sets for freight wagons with different gauges.

Kolowag offers railway wheel sets for all types of freight wagons.
We provide and maintain sleeping and saloon coaches for railways.
Kolowag has 60 years' experience of freight wagons and 26 years' experience in the production of wheel sets.
We are specialised in railway wheel sets, freight wagons and passenger coaches.
Our freight wagons include open box and hopper wagons.

Kolowag produces wide range of wheel sets for passenger coaches and high-speed trains, as well as driving wheel sets for locomotives and DMU trains.

We maintain all types of wheel sets for freight and passenger wagons as well as driving / gear wheel sets. Kolowag provides repair and replacement of wheel sets according to VPI standard, such as IL, IS 1, IS 2 and IS 3, and approvals including VPI; TSI, ISO 9001:2008.

Railway freight wagons

Kolowag produces and maintains the following types of freight wagons:

  • Platform and container wagons: Sgnss, Rgns, etc.
  • Open box wagons: Eanos, Eaos, etc.
  • Hopper wagons: Falns, Uagpps, etc.
  • Z-type tank wagons: 110m³, 95m³, 85m³ and 37m³

Railway passenger coaches

The company produces and maintains sleeping coaches, bistro coaches, saloon coaches and coupe coaches.

Maintenance and repair of all of our freight wagons and passenger coaches is carried out under the VPI standard – G 1.0, G 2.0, G 3.0, G 4.0, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.8 – and approved under VPI, TSI, ISO 9001:2008 and welding EN 15085-2.

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