Kinex Bearings

KINEX BEARINGS’ production programme includes a wide assortment of standard and special rolling bearings for different industrial branches. Production plants went through complicated historical development and, with its large scale production programme, KINEX BEARINGS has become a global producer of rolling bearings.

Bearing production, research and development

The production of rolling bearings has a long-term tradition. KINEX BEARINGS offers complex services in the fields of research, development and production of rolling bearings and elements. One of the most significant industrial segments of sold bearings in terms of volume is the railway industry.

KINEX began production of single-row roller bearings for railway vehicles in 1959. A joint-stock commercial corporation, KINEX BEARINGS is an industry leader in roller bearing supplies for axles of European railway vehicles. The production of single-row roller bearings used in the railway industry is assured in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 12080.

Application of bearings.
Axle bearings.
Bearings for traction motors.
KINEX cylindrical roller bearing (CRU).
CRU for Bombardier Transportation.
Bearings undergoing heat treatment.
Inspection of bearings.

KINEX BEARINGS also offers deliveries of bearing units for axles of goods wagons with loads ranging from 22.5t-25t.

Cylindrical roller bearings

Rolling bearings are produced in ISO standardised types, as well as special single-row cylindrical roller bearings. The main advantages of using cylindrical roller bearings are their simple design, easy assembly and maintenance, as well as reliability in operation. Cylindrical roller bearings are characterised by their low friction resistance, low temperature, low component wear and high load rating.

Application of rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are suitable for a wide range of applications in the railway industry, including:

  • Axles of goods wagons, passenger cars, electric and diesel locomotives, electric and diesel engine vehicles and motor units
  • Gear boxes, driving traction motors and generators, compressor motors (air pumps), ventilator drives, actuators and charging generators of electric and diesel train engines


Our clients include major European and international railway companies and manufacturers, such as:

  • DB (Germany)
  • ÖBB (Austria)
  • SBB (Switzerland)
  • SNCB (Belgium)
  • PKP (Poland)
  • CD Cargo (Czech Republic)
  • ZS Cargo (Slovakia)
  • AAE (Switzerland)
  • PKP Cargo (Poland)
  • Bombardier (Germany)
  • Greenbrier (Poland)
  • Bonatrans (Poland)
  • Astra Rail Industries (Romania)
  • Tatravagonka (Slovakia)
  • Legios (Czech Republic)