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Tools and Equipment for Railway Maintenance Facilities

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Halberstadt Rail offers unique tooling solutions for railway maintenance shops.

Designed to increase profitability and shop efficiency, our solutions include bogies, lifts and presses, in addition to rental and logistics services.

Maintenance bogies for railway depots

Our maintenance dollies and bogies are essential for optimal maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations.

Halberstadt Rail provides bogies for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations.
Hydraulic scissor lifts help with the assembly of heavy equipment under the carriage of railway vehicles.
Our presses help with the replacement and assembly of railway bearings.
Halberstadt Rail provides logistics tools for railway workshops, including lifting equipment.

By moving rolling stock easily in and out of shops, valuable indoor space can be utilised to a higher degree while optimising cost-efficiency.

Our maintenance bogies can safely pass switches, bridge small gaps and steps, can swivel, as well as tilt in two dimensions. They can also be adapted to various different carriages or locomotives. All this makes for a safe operating environment with reduced costs.

Hydraulic scissor lifts for railway undercarriages

We have a range of scissor lifts to aid with the assembly of power packs or other equipment under the carriage of railway vehicles.

Our scissor lifts allow the rotation of the equipment and even minor tilting, as well as travel in a longitudinal and transversal axis. This makes the positioning of large and heavy equipment easier for MRO applications.

Logistics equipment for the railway sector

Most of the equipment used in the railway industry is bulky or heavy, which can be a challenge for shop operators.

Halberstadt Rail has extensive experience in building storage racks that can be used for doors and axles, roofs or power-packs, as well as internal or external transport or storage. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to cater to each individual requirement.

Presses for railway bearings

Bearings need to be replaced after years of operation under adverse conditions. We have developed a range of custom hydraulic-presses for various bearings and applications to facilitate replacement and assembly.

In addition to bearings, air-cushion and other daily tasks can benefit from some pressure. We can also custom build hydraulic presses for these applications.

Load handling and lifting equipment for railway workshops

Halberstadt Rail regularly designs and delivers custom trusses and load handling devices for heavy and difficult to handle equipment in railway depots and workshops.

We have manufactured load traverses for a range of large items, including air-conditioning units and locomotive roofs. They can be designed for most railway workshop applications.

Rental equipment for rail applications

Most of our standard tools are available to rent and can be used for as long as required, reducing capital expenditures and maintenance costs.

All of our advanced equipment is annually checked, meaning your team does not have to deal with unreliable solutions or broken equipment but can use professional, safe tools.

Rental tools also allow operators to take on jobs they normally would not be able to, simply because they can rent the required tools for a specified amount of time and benefit from a predictable cost structure.

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