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Cast Products South Africa

Rail Castings

Cast Products is a leading manufacturer of specialised, high-quality cast products used in the railway, mining, power and general engineering industries.

Blackreef Road,
South Africa


Cast Products is a leading manufacturer of specialised, high-quality cast products used in the railway, mining, power and general engineering industries.

Cast Products comprises four foundry plants and is one of the largest foundry groups in the Southern Hemisphere. These foundries are located in South Africa.

The extensive foundry network allows Cast Products to streamline production of a wide variety of products, including cast locomotive bogie frames and cast bogie components, such as bolsters and side frames, draw gear and couplers, as well as cast mono-bloc railway wheels. Cast Products has established a reputation of meeting customers’ product, quality and delivery requirements, and has developed strong long-term relationships with leading players in its respective sectors.

The Germiston Foundry is one of the largest foundries in the Southern Hemisphere, and is capable of producing 3,500 wagon sets of castings. It is a leading supplier of single piece thin-walled locomotive and passenger car frames, high-integrity cast steel railway wheels, and freight car components. It also holds the American Association of Railroads’ approval for the manufacture of locomotive frames, freight car side frames, cast steel railway wheels and bolsters.

All of the foundries are serviced by in-house machine shops, which include vertical and horizontal boring mills, computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining centres, lathes and planers. Castings of 25t and 5m in diameter can be produced to close tolerances. Smaller castings that require CNC batch production runs are also accommodated.

Locomotive bogie frames

Cast steel locomotive frames permit optimum metal distribution with smooth structural transitions. Stress concentrations are minimised and a high strength-to-weight ratio unit is produced. The service life and reliability of cast steel far exceeds that of fabricated frames. Cast locomotive bogie frames provides an integral, rugged frame, which supports the locomotive under all service conditions and provides a secure mounting for auxiliary equipment.

Cast bogie components, couplers and draw gear

Cast Products manufactures castings under license to various licensors, and is an open foundry capable of undertaking work according to individual customer requirements.

The company has produced thousands of sets of steel castings for freight cars for both the local and export markets. These include side frames, bolsters, top centre castings, couplers and draw gear

Cast Products has the capacity to supply annual quantities of 56,000 cast bogie components

Rail cast wheels

Cast Products is a strategic supplier of cast monobloc wheels to the South African Railway industry. Wheels range from a tread diameter of 850mm to 1,054mm, with net weights of up to 650kg respectively. Cast Products produces monobloc wheel castings with the modern curved plate design, which ensures minimum stress concentration to improve service life.

Technical partners

Cast Products has partnered with Amsted Rail, a global leader in freight wagon components. Amsted Rail brings over a century of technical expertise in the manufacturing of railroad wheels. Scaw and Amsted Rail have collaborated on best practices for wheel manufacturing.

Each wheel is built to the highest quality standards and thoroughly inspected to ensure these standards are met. Together with Amsted Rail, our mission is to increase the reliability and optimise the performance of cast wheels in the South African market.


Cast Products’ manufacturing expertise and stringent quality assurance processes ensure that products continually meet the highest international standards. The company’s accreditations include:

  • ISO9001:2008
  • ISO14001:2009
  • BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • AAR: wheels and locomotive bogie frames

The company’s technical partners include Amsted Rail (railway wheels) and McConway and Torley (railway draw gears).