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Bogies, Suspension, Wheels and Axles

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Bulox Equipment is one of the leading companies in the world to comprehensively focus on the design, manufacture and distribution of depot equipment in the railway industry.

Railway depot equipment and cleaning systems

Bulox Equipment’s business focuses on the following:

  • Standard and customised test-rigs
  • Specialised test systems
  • Mechanical lifting and handling systems (lifter jacks, turntable, traverser, underfloor lifting systems)
  • Maintenance vehicles
  • Other customised railway vehicles

Cyclosystem has a wide range of cleaning machines for the railway industry:

  • Standard component cleaning machines
  • Customised cleaning systems
  • Bogie and wheelset cleaners
  • Automatic train wash plants
  • Underframe cleaners
  • Industrial waste water treatment plants

Automatic and semi-auto coupler test stand for coupler testing

The automatic and semi-automatic coupler test stand is a heavy-duty equipment that can provide actual load for the testing of each type of couplers. The basic testing includes coupling and de-coupling operations, air leakage tests, electrical continuity tests and full load pulling withstand tests.

Auto and semi-auto coupler test stand.
Compression spring test system.
Bogie test system.
Automatic bogie and wheelset cleaner.
Mobile lifting jack.
Bogie / wheelset turntable.
Bogie wheelset rotator.
Bogie drop system.

Compression spring test rig

The compression spring test rig is a simple and reliable test system, which can be used for testing most types of compression and chevron springs found in the bogie suspension system.

Bogie test systems for fully-assembled bogies

The bogie test system can be designed for the basic or comprehensive testing of a fully-assembled bogie. The system utilises both microprocessor drives and monitoring, as well as hydraulic systems, to ensure that all the required testing is properly carried out on each fully-assembled bogie.

Automatic bogie and wheelset cleaners

The bogie and wheelset cleaner is a two-stage or multi-stage cleaner that can clean bogie, wheelset or other rail car components in a closed chamber, automatically using a specially designed high-pressure oscillating spray jet system. The Cyclosystem bogie cleaner is probably one of the most efficient cleaners in the industry.

Mobile lifting jacks

Bulox mobile lifting jacks are designed for the safest and most reliable operation, using trapezoidal screws to ensure self-locking in case of power failure.

Bogie and wheelset turntables

Bogie and wheelset turntables come in either manually-operated or motorised styles. They are used on fixed rails in the workshop to redirect the bogie or wheelset.

Bogie and wheelset rotators

The bogie or wheelset rotator is used for easy dismantling or re-assembly of components attached to the bogie or wheelset during servicing.

Bogie drop system

The bogie drop table uses a scissor lift design, with a walk-on platform and an overlaying track bridge.

Company profile

Bulox Equipment began after Cyclosystem, a successful company that produces equipment for the process and cleaning trade, outgrew itself.

Bulox fully focuses on the railway industry, while Cyclosystem continues to designs and customises more and more equipment that is non-cleaning related for the rail and track field.

Although now an individual body, Bulox Equipment continues to share the same enthusiasm, originality and realistic approach.

From Bulox-Cyclosystem’s equipment, customers expect a simple, modular, practical and reliable design, with plenty of aesthetic worth.

15 Woodlands
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