SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. designs, develops and manufactures anti-vibration parts for high-speed trains, locomotives, intercity trains, subways and tramways worldwide. The company focuses on primary and secondary suspensions.

Damping and guiding rail suspensions

SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. has extensive knowledge of the European railway market and its requirements.

The company creates demand-oriented products and design components based on the latest technology, advanced systems and simulation technics. It uses comprehensive test equipment for analysing functions and durability, proprietary compound development, and mixing workshops to provide high-quality solutions.

Integrated systems offer optimal functionality using minimal space.
Hydrobushing hydraulic primary suspension dampens vibrations and reduces noise.
The range of solutions provided by SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S.

SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. Industry’s products offer the longest possible service life, and the company accurately forecasts component behaviour to precisely plan service times. The reliable solutions handle the demands of high mileage and heavy usage, as well as offer convenience and safety to customers. They also reduce vibration and noise to protect passengers, materials and the environment.

The company’s manufacturing process focuses on preventative quality assurance, continuous monitoring and system development. creates innovative, high-quality materials in its development labs, which are then used in serial production.

Primary suspension for trains

Primary suspension guides and damps axles against the bogie frame to provide comfortable and reliable operation. Products include bump stops, conical bushings, chevrons, guide springs and conical springs, axle box isolation and bushings.

Integrated systems such as conical or chevron springs require minimal space while providing optimum functionality and safety. The products offer the best possible ratio between vertical and horizontal stiffness with great accuracy in order to achieve the highest quality and lowest lifecycle costs.

Secondary suspension for passenger comfort

Secondary suspension connects the rail car body to the bogie and is responsible for its damping and comfort functions.

The products reliably transmit significant forces and enhance comfort in driving mode. An important characteristic for reliable operation is to ensure car body stability in curves, as well as starting and braking conditions.

SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. evaluates systems using technology from Sumitomo Electric and the Sumitomo Riko Group. The secondary suspension service portfolio includes transmission blocks, safety shields, circular supports and support bearings, as well as bolster, laminate and pneumatic concial springs.

Hydraulic mount technology

SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. develops numerous innovative solutions, including hydraulic mount technology for enhanced suspension comfort and minimisation of deterioration.

SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S.’ secondary suspension integrates Sumitomo Electric Industries technology to provide optimum functionality and safety using minimal space. The company’s solutions use low-temperature compounds, optimise settling behaviour, and comply with fire and smoke safety standards.

About SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S.

Based in Decize, France, SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. is an expert in the field of anti-vibration systems. Along with the Sumitomo Riko Group, the company expands its product portfolio and secondary suspension systems in cooperation with Sumitomo Electric Industries.

The group shares broad technical expertise, experience in primary and secondary suspensions, simulation and testing capabilities, and a worldwide research and development (R&D) and production network.

The company’s R&D focuses on sustainable solutions for high-speed transportation and local traffic, and ensures best-in-class solutions directly where they are needed.