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AB Alloy Bearing Lead

Alloy Bearings specialises in white-metal plain bearing technology, and is recognised as a leading plain bearing specialist in the Asia-Pacific region.

We bring decades of engineering experience and knowledge to plain bearing issues for the rail industries. Our expertise extends from diagnosis and fault reports, to remetal, manufacture, replacement and upgrade solutions.

Suspension bearing remetalling and manufacture

Since 1993, the Alloy Bearings team has been involved in the assembly and remetalling of plain suspension bearings (also called Babbitt bearings) for locomotives. These bearings have proved to be a reliable, solid and economical option for more than two decades.

Alloy Bearings refurbishes motor plain bearings for suspension applications in trains and trams.
Alloy Bearings remetals, manafactures and supplies bearings to the rail industry.
We bring decades of engineering experience and knowledge to plain bearing issues.
Our remanufacturing facilities are run by an experienced team of experts.

Reliable traction motor bearing refurbishment

Alloy Bearings is experienced in refurbishing traction motor plain bearings for suspension applications in trains and trams.

We work with government rail sectors, privately owned rail companies, service providers to the rail industry, and even transport museums to achieve accurate, timely refurbishment of plain bearings as part of suspension overhaul.

Dedication and support for the railway industry

Our team of skilled engineers offer a comprehensive service. We have formed key international partnerships, which help ensure that we can provide the best support and assistance to our clients. Even under pressure, our engineers are dedicated to solving customers’ problems and reducing downtime.

Worldwide freight for bearings

Our team has the ability to look after your freight requirements worldwide, and are particularly experienced with trans-Tasman freight. Operating under our own ABN allows us to take care of all imports and exports to and from Australia, including any goods and services taxes (GST), and customs requirements.

Engine and compressor remanufacturing solutions

Alloy Bearings is associated with AB Industries, which performs engine and compressor rebuilds for the rail sector.

From diesel engine rebuilds to full equipment overhauls, AB’s remanufacturing team provides customer-focused solutions that preserve equipment and reduce capital expenditure, while conserving energy and materials, and safely disposing of hazardous materials.

AB Industries reconditions a wide range of engine models for locomotives, and compressors for refrigerated transport. They can also fully overhaul equipment and supply replacement rotating equipment and parts.

Quality accreditation to standard ISO 9001: 2008

AB Industries and Alloy Bearings remanufacture equipment for a broad range of purposes, and strive to meet demands for performance, quality, price and environmental excellence.

Our facilities are run by an experienced team of experts, and we are ISO 9001: 2008 certified to repair a wide range of mechanical equipment.