After more than a year of pre-research and preparation work,Luoyang Sunrui RPST has helped Wuhan metro replace a sleeper shoe with a GJ-3 anti-vibration fastener.

At that time, a number of sleepers with rubber shoe in Wuhan metro appeared rubber ageing, deformation, separation and sleeper rupture, while the vibration reduction ability is also declining.

The construction process is like this. The construction workers each time worked on one side rail, release about five fasteners on each side of the need-to-replaced rubber shoe and then lifted the rail.

A wood pad was laid under the lifted sleeper, the clip of the fastener on the sleeper was loosed and the old sleeper and the old fastener were removed.

Clean up the pit wall, replace the new short sleeper and fastening system. Spread a small amount of grouting material, put the new sleeper into the pit center, installed the other fasteners around. According to the normal state of another rail, adjust the rail track state and location.

Fill the gap with the grouting material, install multiple gauge rod on the rails.

After the pulp reaches a certain strength, remove the spike and clip of the fastener on the new sleeper, and wait until the second skylight time.

Each round of the process takes 1.5 hours and would be shorten for skilled workers.At last, the total length of 200m was all replaced in 30 days.

After more than a year of operation, the vibration reduction of GJ-3 fastener is equal to rubber shoe. The test section performs well and is operating normally.