RJ Rail Engineering is specialised in the design, fabrication and hire of maintenance equipment for the railway industry.

Based in Tullamarine, Melbourne, Australia, we specialise in the manufacture and fitting of hi-rail, or road-rail, systems in compliance with AS7502 standards for all types of plants and equipment.

Custom-designed road-rail systems

We focus on the development of road-rail systems to fit a range of plants and machinery.

Our hydrostatic and guidance road-rail systems are designed and fabricated in-house. They are independently engineered and tested to comply with customer specifications and industry standards.

Our MK1 rail ballast undercutter can be easily lifted on and off the track, and has the ability to undercut up to 30m per hour.
Our road-rail systems are designed to fit a range of railway plants and machinery.
RJ Rail Engineering offers an extensive range of maintenance equipment, including hydraulic rail lifting beams.
RJ Rail Engineering provided an E clip declipper for the Adelaide to Tarcoola re-railing project.
RJ Rail Engineering designed and fabricated a rail springer used on the Murray basin project in Victoria, Australia.

Clients can select manual or hydraulic gauge conversion, as all our road-rail systems are broad standard and narrow-gauge convertible.

Railway maintenance equipment and road-rail systems

RJ Rail Engineering can provide and fit engcon tilt rotators according to customer specifications.

One-off railway maintenance attachments such as the Pandrol E clip de-clipper, the timber sleeper extractor, the rail springer, and non-scratch rail threader have all been developed and fabricated by RJ Rail Engineering within stringent customer timeframes.

Ballast undercutting machinery

The company has completed the development and testing of its latest maintenance of the MK1 ballast undercutter attachment.

This solution has proven to consistently move 30m of ballast an hour during our trials on a purpose-built test track. Live demonstrations of the undercutter can be given at our private test track.

RJ Rail Engineering can also provide a complete ballast-out, ballast-in undercutting service.

Road-rail excavators for hire

RJ Rail Engineering provides fully compliant road-rail excavators for hire, ranging from 8t to 22t tracked and wheeled variants. Other road-rail equipment includes dump trucks, water carts and front-end loaders.

All plants are operated by experienced operators, and we can supply track labourers and certifiers.

A complete range of maintenance attachments can be supplied with each plant, such as sleeper laying, sleeper de-clipping and rail springer machines, as well as tamping units, rail trolleys and hydraulic rail jacks.

Additional items include ballast brooms, forks, rail threaders, bearer grabs and 8m rail lifting beams.

On-site fitting and repairs for railway maintenance equipment

RJ Rail Engineering offers an on-site fabrication fitting and repair service.

Work is carried out by our tradesmen, who are fully trained in the rail industry and hold all the relevant qualifications. All work is insure and guaranteed.

Our field service trucks are fully site compliant and equipped for on-site fitting and fabrication.

For more information about our railway maintenance equipment, fill out the enquiry form on this page.