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PLASTWIL has been a leading manufacturer of the rail surface elements especially the elements of rail-sleeper assembly for 30 years.

In a rail surface in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, PLASTWIL has installed more than 120 million pieces of different details to rail surface, such as rail pads, electro-insulating hold down parts, dowels, anchors, insulation etc.

We have our own R&D facility, through which we create complete solutions from design to implementation, providing the solutions that meet the needs of our clients, the industry and the market.

The SB3-4 rail fastening system comprises a number of different parts, including rail clips, casting anchors and rail pads.
The SB8-type rail clip was designed by PLASTWIL’s research and development specialists.
The PWE-type rail pads are currently installed on various rail lines in Poland and Europe.
WIW-type pieces reduce utility costs without compromising performance.

For many years we participated in the development and introduction of new solutions and the high-quality of our products is confirmed by test results and the obtained attestation and certificates issued by notified technical and research bodies in Poland and Europe.

The fastening systems for fitting railway surfaces to pre-stressed concrete ties, manufactured in PLASTWIL include:

  • The SB resilient fastening system
  • The SB W1 resilient fastening system
  • The SB W3 resilient fastening system
  • W14 system

Rail fastening system

The SB W3-type rail fastening system is the newest generation of the SB-type rail fastening system, where all of the rail mounting elements are designed and produced by PLASTWIL.

Technological innovation has been applied to the construction and characteristics of the SB8-type rail clip and the WIW-type electro-insulating hold down piece. This system is defined by the optimised parameters responsible for the fastening method.

The characteristics and advantages of the SB W3-type rail fastening system include:

  • Reduced clamping force change as a result of exposure to repeated loading
  • Guarantee of stability during long-term service without the risk of disconnection
  • Improved SB8-type rail clip with even stress distribution in the rail clip arms
  • A WIW-type component reduces utility costs without loss of performance parameters, due to the reduced weight and its asymmetrical shape
  • The tried-and-tested combination of PWE-type rail pad and SB8-type rail clip achieves a high ability to attenuate impact loads of 61.2%

Specialised rail clips

PLASTWIL’s SB8-type rail clip are an alternative to SB4-Vossloh type rail clips. The unique bending technology and high-quality material ensures the required pressure of the rail to the sleeper, as well as the possibility of resilient deformation of the rail in a horizontal plane by the action of lateral forces, is achieved.

The innovative SB8-type rail clip was developed by PLASTWIL’s research and development specialists. The rail clips used in the SB W3-type rail fastening system are suitable for 49E1 or 60E1 rails, as well as R1, R2 and 180S tramline types.

The SB8-type rail clip ensures that the suitable pressure to prevent rail displacement from the sleepers is applied.

The advantages of the SB8-type rail clip include:

  • Significant reducing of bending stresses and plastic deformation that arise in the spring clip shaping process
  • Improved quality of the installation of the spring clip in the anchor
  • Reduced loss of the performance parameters during the operation, compared with the conventional rail clip
  • Electro-insulating hold down components

The electro-insulating hold down WIW-type parts come from years of research by PLASTWIL.

The product features are:

  • Visible asymmetry of the shape that ensures the correct assembly process
  • Narrower recess under the spring clip, which guarantee improved stress distribution at the spring clip interface and electro-insulating hold down component
  • The WIW-type electro-insulating hold down part can be used interchangeably with the WKW-type hold down component.

Electro-insulating rail pads

The PWE-type rail pads in the SB-type rail fastening systems provide adequate electrical insulation between the sleeper or turnout sleeper and the rail foot.

The pads also reduce the dynamic effects of the rolling stock transmitted by the rails and possibly through the ribbed-base plates to the sleepers or turnout sleepers.

PLASTWIL’s PWE-type rail pads meet the highest requirements of the applicable standards and can be easily found on the different railway line sections in Poland and Europe.

Casting iron anchors for concrete sleepers

The SB-type casting iron anchor fasten 60E1 and 49E1 rails to concrete sleepers.

The anchor allows an adequate track gauge and resistance to lateral displacement of the rails and is made from 500-7 spherical casting iron, which provides high levels of tensile and impact strength.

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