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Bolting Solutions and Wedge-Locking Technology

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Nord-Lock offers safe, reliable bolting solutions and technologies for the railway industry.

Multifunctional wedge-locking for the railway sector

Nord-Lock provides high-quality bolting solutions that include designing, operating and maintaining equipment. The company specialises in providing innovative products and expertise to solve the toughest bolting challenges.

A range of bolting solutions is available, including multifunctional wedge-locking technology, superbolt tensioners and expansion bolts.

All products are manufactured at state-of-the-art production facilities in Sweden, Switzerland and North America.

Nord-Lock specialises in bolting solutions for the railway industry.
The company provides a range of superbolt tensioners and expansion bolts.
High-quality washers secure bolted joints with tension instead of friction.

Custom rail and track bolting solutions

Nord-Lock can meet client specifications and adheres to the highest standards such as AbP, ABS, DIBt, DNV and TÜV specification.

The company has an experienced staff of engineers and experts to perform safe and efficient bolting tasks.

Using in-house research and development, as well as project engineering, Nord-Lock’s worldwide team provides in-depth education and support.

Rail joint simulation and testing

Nord-Lock offers assistance in the design phase of equipment through joint simulation and testing.

The company’s cutting-edge bolting technology and team of engineers work with clients on challenges to produce products that meet their needs.

Custom products can be designed and manufactured to ensure that downtime is minimised and equipment is running safely and efficiently as soon as possible.

Tamper-resistant tensioners

By working with clients, Nord-Lock has created patented products such as split-nut thrust collars and tamper-resistant tensioners.

Other services available through Nord-Lock’s technical centre include insight on bolted applications, evaluation of bolt locking / tightening methods, cost calculations and return on investment analysis.

Bolted joints analysis (VDI2230) and validation of joints and fasteners is available, as well as torque calculations, product development, torque / load relationship, verification of friction conditions, and vibration tests.

About Nord-Lock

Nord-Lock provides reliable and high-quality bolting solutions to secure the most demanding applications and offers customer support using in-house engineering staff.

The company has been successful in a range of industries, including railway, oil and gas, energy and mining.

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