MEA Water Management is a leading manufacturer of linear drainage systems for tramway tracks.

The company offers polymer concrete products using traditional channel-systems construction materials, as well as glass-fibre-reinforced (GRP) polyester (GRP) as a modern, lightweight, easy-to-install and highly stable solution.

MEA provides solutions for tramway applications, including alimentation par le sol (APS) systems with ground energy supplies, and conventional tram constructions with overhead energy supplies.

Water management solution for APS trams

APS tram systems with ground power supplies are challenging and complex projects, so it is paramount to effectively insulate the electrical supply system, while offering a safe and long-lasting water drainage solution.

MEA Water Management manufactures drainage systems for tramways.
The company produces and markets composite, polymer concrete, steel and stainless-steel drainage channels.
MEA offers design packages for larger drainage system projects, as well as technical services, support and training.
The company provides electric insulation solutions for APS rails.
MEA's team of experts develops the most suitable solutions for tramways with overhead and ground power supply systems.

MEA Water Management’s systems are best suited to meet the requirements and address the challenges of APS tram construction projects.

The company’s team of specialists and engineers develops and builds the most suitable solution for a wide range of projects.

Side and intertrack systems

The channel system for side and intertrack systems consists of the ENS 2010 channel drain (EN 1433 compliant) and a bolted ductile iron D400 grating (EN 1433 compliant).

However, the interrail system also includes DM 2000 monolithic channels to guarantee perfect electrical insulation for the APS rail.

MEA supplies track connectors, which are made of polymer concrete and covered with a rubber insulation board, and designed to provide drainage for any rail type.

The company also offers accessories that connect different channels to each other and to the sewage network, while ensuring the efficiency of water systems.

Drainage systems for railways and tram constructions

Although tram constructions with a catenary are not as specific as the APS tram constructions, MEA’s drainage channels are built on a platform of proven standardised components.

The MEA group also provides a large choice of drainage systems for railway stations and their surroundings.

Technical services and training

MEA offers a large array of products and services to help project managers and customers develop the best tram solution for their needs.

The company offers technical services, support, training and data sheets, as well as material and resistance lists, complete design packages for larger projects (such as airports, roads and parking areas), hydraulic calculations and advice, installation instructions and assistance on-site, and computer-aided design (CAD) layouts.

Past projects

MEA has worked on the construction of the Besancon, Valenciennes and Le Havre tramways, as well as extensions to the Montpellier and Nice systems.

About MEA group

The MEA group is a German family-operated firm founded in 1886. It was brought under professional management in 1999 and has since become a respected European supplier to the industrial and construction sectors.

MEA currently operates four strategic divisions, which provide drainage systems, construction resources, metal applications, and aluminium composite panels (ACP).

MEA offers technical expertise in the use of composite materials, galvanised steel and polymer concrete at production sites in the Czech Republic, France and China.

Due to its market-leading position in dry areas and composite channels, the MEA group employs around 700 people, and is increasing its market share in the drainage systems sectors.