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Concrete Sleepers for the Railway Industry

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Kwena Concrete Products (KCP) is a proprietary limited company incorporated under the Botswana Company’s Act, 1981. The company is one of the 100% owned subsidiaries of Botswana Development Corporation Limited (BDC), formed with the primary objective of contributing to economic growth in Botswana through industrial development and employment creation.

From inception the company actively participated in the national market and became one of the most preferred brands for precast concrete products in the construction industry. The company is known for its good quality products, product availability, competitive prices and reliable delivery service. All of its products are certified by Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS).

KCP has a license agreement with Abetong Teknik Sweden, and it is the sole manufacturer of concrete railway sleepers in Botswana. The company has been supplying concrete railway sleepers to Botswana railways since 1983.

Concrete railway sleepers

Railway sleepers are used as a base for rail road tracks and to hold the rails to the correct gauge. Their design and weight, with a large soffit area ensures maximum contact with ballast, and reduces pressure on the ballast thereby ensuring excellent rail track stability. Concrete sleepers maintain their integrity in all weather conditions, ensuring rail seat inclinations and rail gauge. The sleepers have become more commonly used because they offer better economy and support to the rails under high speed and heavy traffic than wooden sleepers.

Kwena Concrete Products is one of the most preferred brands for precast concrete products.
Kwena Concrete Products is currently equipped to manufacture 360 railway sleepers per shift.
Kwena's precast concrete railway sleepers are manufactured to a minimum strength and a minimum weight of 215kg.
Concrete railway sleepers offer better economy and support to the rails under high speed and heavy traffic than wooden sleepers.
The extra weight of concrete sleepers makes the track more stable, especally with changes in temperature.

Concrete railway sleeper design and manufacture

Kwena’s concrete railway sleepers are manufactured to a minimum strength and weight of 215kg. The sleepers are designed to attain minimum cube compression strength of 60MPA after 28 days. This enables the sleeper to stand up to different loads.

The on-site laboratory ensures that all materials are tested before use, and that the sleeper dimensions and requirements are met. One sleeper out of every total sleeper production per shift is selected at random and then tested as per laid down specifications. KCP is currently expanding its sleeper production capacity to meet the anticipated increased demand.

The benefits of concrete sleepers:

  • Easy to install
  • Extra weight makes track more stable, particularly with changes in temperature
  • Do not expand under hot conditions unlike wooden sleepers
  • Withstand fire hazards better than wooden sleepers
  • Less maintenance means lower ongoing costs and less track closures
  • Replaces timber sleepers which are very scarce and expensive
  • More durable than timber sleepers
  • Made from sustainable materials / environmentally friendly

Supplier of precast concrete products

The company’s manufacturing operations are located in Gaborone, Botswana. It has served and continues to effectively serve its customers countrywide in pursuance of its cherished vision and mission: "Aspiring to be the best supplier of infrastructural precast and pre-stressed concrete products within the SADC region and to serve and add value to its customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders by providing innovative, quality, engineered products and services within its core competencies and at competitive prices."

Plot 14404, Maakgadigau Road, Gabor
PO Box 1029

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