Jinstar Railway Materials was founded in February 2004 and is located in Xinzhuang Industrial Park, at the junction of Suzhou and Changshu.

Boasting a comprehensive quality management system, professional and complete production equipment, testing facilities, an expert management team, extensive product development capabilities, as well as a dedicated team of staff, Jinstar Railway Materials has broken into the high-speed railway construction and railway materials and fastener markets in China, Europe, America, Australia and South-East Asia.

Railway products and high-strength fasteners

With help from the ISO9001:2008 that the company has been certified with, the railroad materials and high-strength fasteners, which are mainly export-oriented, are highly praised. Jinstar Railway Materials has also become the exclusive supplier of major Euramerican railway companies in China. The company has been granted the railway bolts and nuts production licence, issued by the Ministry of Railways, PRC.

Both new and old customers provide a stable supply of custom for the products, whilst the high-strength standard parts are also accepted by Euramerican customers, where sales volume has increased steadily.

Forming lines in the factory.
Heat treatment production line in action.
Mould processing centre.

Railway fastener systems for domestic and foreign markets

Jinstar Railway Materials supplies railway fastener systems to both domestic and foreign railroad construction markets. The product range includes:

  • Track bolts, screw spikes, pointed-tail screw spikes, T-bolts, 70 type spikes, twist spikes, hook spikes and switch bolts
  • Spring strips, single-layer spring washers, double-layer spring washers, fishplates, steel rail support, anti-creepers, gauge rods, welding shoulders, nylon blocks and rubber pads

Bolts, nuts, washers and locks for the railway industry

The company also supplies various products and track material for railroad and tunnel construction:

  • Hex bolts, square bolts, high-strength steel bolts, torsion shear bolts, studs, wood screws, hex flange bolts, carriage bolts, foundation bolts, T-bolts, eyelet bolts, rail bolt, tunnel bolt
  • Hex nuts, square nuts, hex flange nuts, slotted nuts and high-strength bolt supporting nuts
  • Spring washers, flat washers and cotter pins
  • Nylon lock, mechanical lock and thread lock nuts and bolts
  • Fish plate, join bar, track screw, rail clip, rail clamp, tie plate
  • Screw-rolling machines

Original fastener designs for non-standard customer needs

Jinstar Railway Materials likes to work together with customers when developing various non-standard and special-shaped fasteners, welcoming drawings, samples and materials. Customers can also request special and custom-shaped bolts, which can include large head shapes, long bolts and non-standard threads.

Jinstar Railway Materials also are the designated supplier to the Ministry of Railways for high-speed railway accessories, including the Beijing-Shanghai and Wuhan-Guangzhou lines, as well as the construction of subways.