As a turnkey designer and manufacturer, FIMEC Technologies excels in the engineering, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of automated handling systems.

This unique expertise is based on a key ability to understand the individual manufacturing processes, specific to each of its clients. FIMEC Technologies provides complete and relevant robotic solutions that optimise production, whilst supporting projects.

In collaboration with ADLER Technologies, experts in the development of equipment for the production of concrete materials and delayed demoulding products, FIMEC Technologies offers innovative turnkey solutions for the production of concrete railway sleepers (mono-block or split into two pieces).

Customisable production solution for concrete sleepers

This production line is designed to fit many needs and requirements, from the reception of aggregates and cement, to the stacking of sleepers before dispatch.

De-moulder: moulds are turned, concrete sleepers are separated from their moulds.
The sleeper fitting line enables operators to fit accessories to the sleepers and to carry out quality controls.
Mould dehacking machine system capable of depositing moulds one at a time on a conveyor ready for next operations.

Attentive to the constraints and requirements of its customers, FIMEC Technologies made its systems customisable and evolutionary, from standard equipment for processes with a low level of automated handling equipment, to the highest level of automation.

The company favours solutions combining ease of use, security, and ergonomics to enable you to achieve the best possible quality and profitable production. Ergonomic workstations are user-optimised, which includes supportive equipment to facilitate rebars handling.

High-capacity railway sleeper production line

Many renowned concrete sleeper producers already trust FIMEC Technologies, appreciating the high capacity, flexibility and reliability of the line. Production rate is about one mould every minute, which means two sleepers (up to 330kg each when mono-block) every minute.

Concrete sleeper production process and equipment

The process is generally undertaken in the following steps:

  1. Aggregate acceptance, storage and batching: truck unloaders, storage towers, hoppers, conveyors and weighting conveyor. Aggregate preparation before mixing with cement
  2. Cement storage and batching: vertical silos and batching by weighing hopper
  3. Mixing and concrete batching: loading of mixer by skip or conveyor, planetary mixer, weighing loaders with fixed or mobile hoppers; extraction by conveyor or screw
  4. Sleeper curing: metal structure, designed to cure concrete naturally or using a heating system, transfer car with built-in shuttle capable of handling up to eight moulds at one time
  5. Mould dehacking: system capable of depositing moulds one at a time on a conveyor ready for subsequent operations.
  6. Stress relief line and heads: the conveyor and the stress relief heads transfer stress to the sleepers
  7. De-moulder: the sleepers are separated from their moulds
  8. Sleeper fitting: the line enables operators to fit accessories to the sleepers and to carry out quality controls
  9. Transfer to the stock: transfer car for completed, stacked sleepers