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Railway and Tramline Construction and Engineering

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FEROCO has been successfully performing transport infrastructure engineering work for 66 years. Dynamic development, multi-million pound contracts, experience and abundant technical facilities place FEROCO amongst the biggest companies in this sector in Poland.

The company specialises in the construction and modernisation of railway and tramway stations and lines. FEROCO also constructs engineering facilities, bridges and overpasses, as well as building and modernising roads and highways.

Railway construction services

Railway infrastructure construction is FEROCO’s main area of activity and its achievements include 1,700km of completed railway and tramway lines, 1,600km of railway line electrification, dozens of railway stations and 18km of bridges, flyovers and tunnels.

FEROCO has carried out rail construction works in Germany, subway line and light rail transit system construction in Ankara, Turkey, as well as modernisation of important railway routes in Poland, such as E-20, E-30, E-65, the Central Railway Line and Poznan Rail Junction.

For over 66 years FEROCO has completed thousands of kilometres of railroads, tramway lines and electrifications.
The company has carried out rail construction work throughout Europe, as well as modernisation of important railway routes in Poland.
FEROCO has built many kilometres of bridges, overpasses and tunnels.
In Poznan FEROCO constructed the Saint Roch Bridge, which is the city’s showpiece.
The company also builds motorways and reconstructs existing roads.

The company also built the Poznan Fast Tram line, which connects distant districts with the city centre and was the first fast transport project of this type in Poland.

Transport engineering

Over the last years, FEROCO has built many significant constructions for the local community in Poznan. The company was the main contractor of the Saint Roch Bridge, which is the city’s showpiece, as well as the central railway station over-line bridge in Most Dworcowy, one of the most recognisable landmarks, as well as overpasses that streamline traffic.

Part of the A2 Highway on the Poznań – Nowy Tomyśl section, which FEROCO has been involved in, constitutes one of our most important projects in the sector of road and highway construction.


The combination of excellent company organisation and highly qualified personnel allows for professional and timely servicing of all contracts.

FEROCO’s modern equipment, as well as the company’s state-of-the-art technology park, helps to enable the implementation of commissioned tasks, while ensuring quality control and the highest standards of workmanship.

All projects are performed with due attention to the highest quality, as well as being aware of the natural environment at all times. FEROCO meets international standards in the area of the integrated quality (ISO 9001) and environmental (ISO 14001) management system. FEROCO also uses SAP system in its operations.

European potential

Presently, the company is implementing contracts for the international lines E-30 and E-65, whilst its current contract portfolio amounts to €427 million.

Due to its potential, experience and knowledge, FEROCO can implement the largest transport infrastructure projects in Poland and Europe.


  • METRO Green Line, Minnesota

    Previously known as Central Corridor, the METRO Green Line is a light rail transit system developed in Minnesota, US.

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