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Austroroll stands for maintenance-free switch point rollers that set themselves apart from all other systems on the market.

Smooth track transitions into open position using AUSTROROLL systems

In the closed position the switch rail rests on the slide chair. When the point is switched it is lifted from the slide chair by the AUSTROROLLs, on which it rolls smoothly into the open position. The switch rail remains on the rollers until the switch is closed again.

A further advantage is the positioning between the sleepers. This allows for simple installation in new and exist-ing turnouts. Due to being in a close vicinity to the switch blade, tamping is not a problem. This is also confirmed by a well known tamping machine producer, and many European railway operators.

More than 190,000 AUSTROROLL units are in operation, used in environments ranging from the heat of the Australian outback to the snow of the Austrian Alps. In addition, private and industrial railway operators also depend on Austroroll’s reliability, citing the fact that it requires no maintenance, even under difficult ambient conditions such as excessive heat and cold, or when covered with ice or dirt.

Rugged Construction and Tight Seals

The roller mechanism is made to exceptional quality standards. Twin lifetime-lubricated roller bearings, and the fully enclosed design, ensure that throwing force remains consistently low throughout the entire product life-time. In addition, two radial shaft seals reliably protect the interior of the roller from contamination. And there are two external cover plates to repel coarse dirt. In other words, the roller has threefold protection against contamination.

Pretensioning – A Unique Advantage

Thanks to its pretensioned springs, the roller is in constant contact with the closed point blade. At the start of the switching operation the point blade rolls on to the roller and is lifted off the slide chair. There is no dynamic or static friction, and the switching resistance remains at a low level. The pretensioning is only sufficient to maintain the contact, but the point blade cannot lift off when in the closed position.

Major Reduction in Throwing Force

Austroroll can bring lasting reductions in throwing force of up to 60%. This cuts the power consumption of the point machine and reduces drive wear, thus lengthening the useful life of the point system as a whole. Austro-roll makes point stiffness a thing of the past.

Tamping – No Problem with AUSTROROLL

The rollers do not need to be removed during tamping and other trackwork. The roller of a closed point blade only protrudes by 70mm, and the opposite roller is completely covered by the open point blade. This does not obstruct tamping or detract from tamping quality in any way.

Easy Installation

Installing Austroroll roller devices calls for a modicum of care, but is quick, simple and safe. They can be installed in points systems or retrofitted in existing ones. Assembly plans are provided for each type of point, showing the correct roller positions and settings. Installation is possible without line closures provided that there are suffi-cient intervals between trains. The points can still be used at every stage of installation.

Key Benefits of AUSTROROLL

  • Switching force reduction of up to 60%
  • For new and existing turnouts
  • Amortisation time of less than two years
  • Environmental friendly
  • No lubrication or maintenance required
  • No speed limit
  • Adjustable to all kind of turnouts

AUSTROROLL is a product of buntmetall amstetten GmbH, plant Enzesfeld-Caro, a leading supplier of high-quality niche products made from copper and copper alloys in Europe. The company employs around 640 mem-bers of staff, with export rates that exceed 90%.

Since 1999 the company has been a member of the internationally renowned Wieland Group in Ulm, Germany.
Wieland has subsidiaries all across the world and employs more than 6,000 workers.

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