Managing public projects in the rail transport sector requires a combination of tried and tested management systems, solid project experience, the right people and equipment, and high-level expertise in the specific project technologies. Degnan has the experience, know-how, resources and drive to effectively and efficiently deliver your rail project.

Rail construction specialists

Degnan has built its reputation in the construction field, associated predominantly with small to medium-size infrastructure projects; for example railway stations, easy access (Disability Discrimination Act) upgrades, sub-stations, depots and facilities. Although the company’s history of construction and management projects spans the breadth of the industry, from residential to commercial and industrial projects, it purposefully delivers to the rail transport sector in order to provide a sustainable and reliable service to its clients.

Degnan’s deployable resources, both people and plant, are perfectly suited to the delivery of rail infrastructure projects. Appropriately licensed and ticketed, its staff are some of the best in the industry and are currently on, or have recently finished, large rail projects.

Its strong relationships within the rail sector have enabled efficient and effective delivery of infrastructure projects across greater Sydney, which benefits both the commuters and the wider community.

Heritage refurbishment and technical infrastructure at Bowral Railway Station, New South Wales.
Construction work nears completion at Auburn stabling project.
The station at Chatswood incorporates old and new elements.
Refurbished concourse at Sydney’s Circular Quay Station.
New lifts and pedestrian bridge at Guildford Station in New South Wales.
Degnan manages a number of different rail projects.

Rail infrastructure project management

The company’s current focus is predominantly on rail infrastructure projects of a build, refurbish or fit-out nature up to $15m. It has the resources, expertise and experience to deliver multiple concurrent projects. Its vision is to develop strong, long-term relationships with organisations where quality, innovation and added value are crucial to project success.

Degnan constantly seeks mutual benefit through improvements in materials, methods and technology, for the company, its clients and project partners. As a provider of high-quality construction services, it specialises in the delivery of innovative building solutions for difficult projects.

Managing risk in rail construction projects

Degnan’s third-party certified management systems protect its staff, the environment and the project. In terms of the application of industry best practice, the company reduces the risks involved in your project. Its accredited management systems give clients assurance that it appropriately identifes and mitigates project risk.

Degnan’s internal compliance team works with project teams to minimise the potential for harm and damage. Its management systems are externally certified to the relevant Australian and international standards (safety: AS4801, environment: ISO14001 and quality: ISO9001).

Rising to construction challenges

Numerous projects come under the ‘too difficult’ heading for most construction companies of this size. Danger, heavy restrictions, specific accreditation requirements, political sensitivity and high publicity and highly technical or technological projects often make even the estimating process particularly problematic for those firms that are new to the game.

Where service delivery is hampered by the environment in which the project exists, Degnan has methodologies and contingencies to ensure a smooth and safe operation during the project. For example; remote locations, access limitation, and proximity to dangerous and hazardous environments can reduce safety and productivity. Conditions of approval for government works (restrictions) can be placed on the project in the interest of public safety or convenience, such as noise work, working within specific hours, night work, and road closures and traffic flow restrictions.

Supporting local industries

Degnan will recruit core management positions locally, bringing local knowledge, extensive networks of suppliers, consultants and specialist trades, and experience in the delivery of infrastructure projects. The local communities benefit through employment opportunities, subcontracting and supply arrangements. The company’s clients benefits from the increased contractor competition, greater productivity and higher levels of efficiency from innovative methods and materials.

Project and site teams consisting of local personnel will benefit from training in, and application of, the company’s management systems. This promotes a culture of accountability and responsibility for safety, environment and quality, significantly reducing project risk (harm, damage or delivery failure). Again, the benefits to local industry come in the form of employment with a strong focus on safety, growth and innovation.