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Railway Track and Platform Drainage Systems

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BIRCO provides drainage systems for railway, light railway transit (LRT) and tram tracks and platforms for public and industrial applications.

Railway track and platform water drainage system

The company’s BIRCOsir railway track drainage system is designed to quickly collect and drain surface water around tracks and platforms.

BIRCO drainage solutions are made to ensure that operations are unaffected by heavy rainfall, delivering goods and transporting passengers safely according to schedule.

BIRCOsir Rail Track Drainage system protects tracks from overflowing and ensures passengers are protected from water splashes with minimal maintenance requirements.

BIRCO offers a drainage system designed for railway tracks and platforms.
BIRCOsir Rail Track Drainage collects and drains surface water.
The company has a range of drainage systems that can handle load classes up to E600.
BIRCO drainage solutions are designed for high-traffic areas and offer accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility
BIRCO drainage system can be used throughout railway stations, including at bus terminals.

Drainage solutions for the railway industry

Water and dirt particles that have accumulated in railway tracks flow through the openings of the rail profile and are collected by a specially designed track drainage casing. This is then diverted into the drainage channel, which runs perpendicular to track sections.

Pipe sockets integrated into the channel base allow for drainage pipes with a nominal diameter (DN) of 100mm to be easily connected. The two-piece design makes it quick and easy to fit the system while on the building site.

The channel system is available in nominal width of 100mm and is manufactured in two standard models that are suitable for most common rail gauges and track types. Other nominal widths are available upon request.

The water absorbing system has an integrated channel base sleeve for connection to the DN 100mm drainage pipe and a variety of grating options for load classes A15 to E600.

Railway station drainage for passengers with limited mobility

BIRCO offers a wide range of drainage channel solutions for the passenger platforms, as well as for access and surrounding areas of railway stations, including parking spaces and bus terminals.

Our channel system BIRCOsir, ranging from nominal widths of 100mm to 1,000mm with load classes A15 to F900 can resist high-traffic loads and makes public spaces accessible for passengers with reduced mobility.

The BIRCO blind guide gratings realise a three-sense principle through contrasting colour selection and attention fields for passengers using canes combined with a BIRCOsir channel for the quick drainage of surfaces.

Easy to install, the BIRCOlight channel with load classes A15 to E600 can provide a characteristic element on platforms while additionally providing sufficient load reserves.

Complete service for railway drainage system installations

BIRCO’s railway track drainage system is compliant with EN 1433 industry standards in addition to meeting high-resistance and traffic safety requirements.

The company offers a complete service package for every stage of a client’s project. This includes hydraulic calculations, shop drawings, installation instructions and on-site assistance. BIRCO has an experienced team of in-house technicians and sales support staff who can quickly respond to customer enquiries.


BIRCO was founded in 1927 and is based in Baden-Baden, Germany, operating as a family run business for three generations.

The company started out as a coal and building material supplier and only began producing concrete channels in the 1950s for the agricultural industry. BIRCO’s first mesh-grating channel for public high-traffic areas was designed in 1965.

BIRCO is a leading specialist supplier of draining and water management systems in Europe. Products are delivered through the company’s international sales agencies, partners and licensees. Locations in Europe include Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands, in addition to Middle East sales based in BIRCO’s Dubai headquarters in the UAE.


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