Every business system in railway operations generates enormous business data that offers strong support for the streamlined operations and maintenance of railways.

Cloud computing brings convenience to the railway industry. A cloud-based analytics system can help in reducing unexpected downtime, and enhancing productivity, resulting in improved outcomes. It can also boost efficiency in billing operations.

The expanding scale of operation and increasing train running speed has elevated the requirements for railroad traffic safety and transportation efficiency, increasing the need for a daily maintenance upgrade.

Discover the leading cloud computing companies in the railway industry

Using its experience in the sector, Railway Technology has listed some of the leading companies providing products and services related to cloud computing.

The information provided in the download document is drafted for railway executives and technology leaders involved in railway cloud computing solutions.

The download contains detailed information on suppliers and their product offerings, alongside contact details to aid purchasing or hiring decisions.

Applications of cloud computing in the railway industry

Cloud will help in mitigating several existing and new challenges affecting the railway industry. It will help in retaining the environmentally friendly status of the industry through the adoption of initiatives such as ticketless travel and additional electric trains. Passenger experience can be improved by adopting a more traveller-centric approach and innovative cloud-based technologies to provide a more personalised and comfortable journey.

The rail industry is gradually moving to open cloud technology for better operational efficiency. The open systems offer improved capacity, superior system reliability, and an improved worldwide reach for better delivery of new products and services. They provide flexibility for scale-up to meet the requirements of the growing industry, without increasing infrastructure costs. The open systems improve collaboration as teams share the same cloud infrastructure, increasing partnerships across the industry.

Improvements in the infrastructure with cloud computing

Infrastructure in the cloud forms the foundation of seamless geographic connection and increases availability by minimising downtime in case of any failure. It helps to improve punctuality, reduces lifecycle costs, and catapults the leap towards a complete digitally networked rail infrastructure.

A smart cloud platform will smoothen the transformation from single to multiple-line operations for smart urban rail.