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Magnetic pull: China and Japan battle it out for maglev train supremacy

Notwithstanding the coronavirus crisis, Japan has revealed it will conduct tests of a new prototype train as part of its ambitious maglev line, while China looks set to double down on further floating projects. Elsewhere though, the maglev concept shows little sign of ever taking off.

The right frequency: achieving reliable connectivity on rail networks

With rail operators introducing more sensors and remote devices into their networks, reliable connectivity is crucial. Getting the best out of existing radio frequencies can create higher-capacity networks, as Ondas Networks co-founder and CEO Stewart Kantor explains.

Introducing ‘Tomorrow’s Living Station’

Network Rail and Arup have collaborated on a report called ‘Tomorrow’s Living Station’, which envisages the railway station of the future as the beating heart of local business and community wellness.

Could remote sensing improve railway infrastructure monitoring?

Over the last two years, the EU-funded MOMIT project has sought to demonstrate the use of remote sensing technologies – such as drones and satellites – for railway infrastructure monitoring. The ultimate benefit could be the safeguarding against the effects of natural hazards.

Clear signals: the digitalisation of Norway’s rail network

Norway has announced a new €3bn programme that will see its entire rail network re-signalled over the next decade. Also including the launch of a new training and testing centre, it marks one of the country’s largest digitalisation projects to date, as Bane NOR head of digitisation and technology Sverre Kjenne explains.

Cascadia dreaming: plans for an ultra-high-speed rail link in the Pacific Northwest

Earlier this year, a business case study was published outlining the potential of delivering an ultra-high-speed rail line that would connect Portland, Seattle and Vancouver – three of the key cities in the Pacific Northwest region. Promising better connectivity and vast economic benefits, it’s a bold plan.

High-speed rail: Should the world be following China’s example?

Responsible for more miles of high-speed rail track than the rest of the world put together, China’s HSR model is understandably the object of envy for most countries. But with mounting debt and several projects having been put on hold, has the nation’s pursuit of speed come at a price?

Planes, trains and flawed reasoning: Virgin’s airline-style ticketing

Virgin Trains recently proposed reforming the UK rail industry through the introduction of airline-style, reservation-only ticketing on long-distance services. This could lead to less standing on trains, but deep down smacks of impracticality.

Forward thinking: The benefits of automating UK rail infrastructure design

Network Rail, alongside Innovate UK, has just announced the four winners of a competition geared towards the automation of the rail infrastructure design process. Could new generative design tools be the solution Britain’s railways have been crying out for?

A bold shift, but how to fund it? Five takeaways from the EU’s rail digitalisation report

According to a recent paper from the European Parliament, embracing digitalisation could create a more competitive rail sector on the continent. While this shift appears to have the backing of the EU, it will require a great deal of funding.