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The Trans-European night network: dream or reality?

The German Green Party has recently unveiled its plans for a trans-European night railway network to connect the continent and diminish the environmental impact of planes. Frances Marcellin investigates whether a climate-friendly and affordable railway network can be achieved as an alternative to air travel by the end of the decade.

Could an EU agreement boost female employment in rail?

In late 2019 the Community of European Railway & Infrastructure Companies and the European Transport Workers’ Federation started negotiations for an EU-level agreement to promote the employment of women in the rail industry. CER executive director Libor Lochman and Ester Caldana, CER Senior Policy Adviser of Social and Public Affairs take a closer look at why it will help to put the rail industry on the right track.

Tackling rail fraud in the UK

British train operating companies estimate that anywhere between 10%-30% of the compensation claims they pay out are fraudulent, leading to millions of pounds of financial losses. To what extent is this issue impacting the industry and how can technology help to simplify the process of identifying fraudulent activity?

Cracking open the story of London’s Oyster Card

The London Oyster contactless railcard is rightfully hailed as a visionary technological leap in the way passengers pay for rail travel, and throughout the last decade, user numbers have soared. But with the use of contactless bank cards now on a similarly steep trajectory, are the Oysters days numbered? And what effect do security issues, like a recently disclosed cyber-attack, have on this technology?

How WiFi data is improving tube journeys

A pilot programme to collect depersonalised WiFi data across London’s tube network has revealed information that could be used to reduce crowding and prioritise areas for investment. The data could lead to better signposting, but what else could it be used for? Frances Marcellin takes a closer look.