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India’s railway investments to 2017: a bumpy ride?

In March 2012, India announced its biggest railway budget in history to tackle network capacity and safety issues. Looking into some of the most significant Indian railway projects up to 2017, Railway-Technology asks whether the measures will be enough to modernise a network which is still one of the most dangerous in the world.

At home in transit: Q&A with metro station interior designer Eduardo Gutiérrez

Moving away from grimy and dark metro stations, operators now rely on striking interiors to attract commuters. Elisabeth Fischer talks to ON-A arquitectura’s interior designer and architect Eduardo Gutiérrez about designing the iconic interior fitting of Barcelona’s Drassanes station, while considering passenger flow, signage, communication and the restriction of space.

London 2012: How will the capital’s railway stations handle Olympic traffic?

With only three months to go, are London’s train stations prepared for the 2012 Olympic Games? After extensive funding, rail and subway station upgrades and expansions to existing train terminals, Railway Technology finds out just how much has gone into preparing London’s public railway system for an Olympic boom in passenger numbers.

Blackpool tram runs off rails on maiden trip

The first of the new trams to leave for its maiden trip after a £100m upgrade in Blackpool, UK, has derailed due to sand on the tracks.

Rail industry must take greater responsibility, says UK transport minister

Ahead of publishing a government command paper on railway reform, UK Transport Minister Theresa Villiers MP said that the industry must take more responsibility to deliver the necessary changes in the country’s rail infrastructure.

Fire in the hole: tunnel safety in Asia

Despite thriving tunnel engineering all over Asia, the region’s fire tunnel safety still ranks behind Western standards. Ahead of Arena International’s fire safety event in Singapore, Elisabeth Fischer talks to World Road Association, Working Group on Air Quality, Fire and Ventilation co-chairman Fathi Tarada about the catching-up some countries in the Far East still have to do.

Full steam ahead Asia

The economic rise of South-East Asia has resulted in billions being spent on new rail tracks and infrastructure. Elisabeth Fischer discovers how the construction of interconnected rail networks from China, India, Mongolia and all the way into Russia could entail and establish the economic rise of the Far East.

Firing up rail tunnel safety

Despite constantly advancing safety technologies, fires in tunnels often have catastrophic consequences. In the run-up to Arena International’s Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels event in Salzburg, Elisabeth Fischer speaks to fire safety expert Fathi Tarada about the best practices to prevent and fight fires in the insides of a rail network.