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Since 1887 HaslerRail has produced event recorders for rail applications. HaslerRail has focused on the design, application, development, final assembly, testing, distribution and marketing of event recorders and related equipment. The Hasler brand stands for excellent quality and innovation in tachometry.

The main business is to produce speed and event recorders and indicators for the railway industry. Speed and event recorders (black boxes) are installed on all trains to record information such as speed, driver activities and equipment conditions. These records may then be used for condition monitoring of the vehicle, checking the driver's performance and as a safe base from which to analyse conditions in the event of an accident.

Analysis of critical trip data, special events and other data is provided by powerful user-friendly evaluation software packages. Modularity is HaslerRail's design philosophy. The Hasler TELOC® state-of-the-art solution allows the integration of vehicle data recording and ETCS data recording in one unit.


In 1968 the inductive pulse generator 5.8400 was developed and introduced on the market by Sécheron (a partner company). In 1976 the new optical pulse generator was developed and introduced to the market. The latest technology has been employed to make these units suitable for the most extreme mechanical and thermal stress. The generated signals can be used for measuring and recording the distance as well as the speed, wheel slip and slide sensing and automatic train protection systems.


The Hasler RT/A is an electro-mechanical strip chart recorder and tachometer for various applications such as multiple units and locomotives. The Hasler RT/A systems are still in production today and over 40,000 units are in daily service.

In 1971 and 1980 the electronic systems TELOCE and TELOC2000 S/D were developed and introduced on the market by Sécheron, formerly Hasler.

The fast development of electronic components has forced Hasler (Sécheron) to keep the pace and continue to develop their products. Several generations have been developed, in 1989 TELOC2200, and in 2001 TELOC2500 and TELOC1500 came to life. The systems are all based on the initial idea found in TELOCE and TELOC2000 S/D, however, the new systems are equipped with state-of-the-art technology which allows multiple functions and applications.


Secheron offers a complete range of single and double pointer moving coil speed indicators. Their sturdy and accurate servo-control makes them especially suitable for use in traction vehicles. Modular display units type MFA / MFSD are used for displaying information on automatic train protection and control systems.


By the 1860s, Switzerland already had a large railway network. Constantly growing traffic, coupled with shorter travel times, brought about the desire to control the speed of the trains.

In the year 1887, Gustav Adolf Hasler decided to produce the speedometer that had been invented by B.Hausshaelter in Dresden. The first Hasler patent (number 3950) was given on 7 September 1891 and protects a mechanism which permits the registration of speed and time as well as the path travelled by the locomotive.


Over 90% of HaslerRail's sales are made in the export market, the main ones being Europe and Asia. To reach this level of export sales, HaslerRail has established sales offices in various countries, including Germany, Japan and the USA. HaslerRail also has a network of agents and distributors, as you can see by visiting our website.

HaslerRail applies total quality management principles throughout the organisation, operates a quality management system according to ISO 9001 standards and has been distinguished with several notable awards. HaslerRail has always been and continues to be an innovator in the field of data recording. The reliability and quality of the products is proven by our customers' trust worldwide.

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