360 Rail Services has decided to integrate Ardenna’s Rail Defect Detection SaaS with its drone-based rail yard inspection service.

The move will enable 360 Rail Services to process all images of its rail yard captured by the drone. It will help to identify anomalies and defects swiftly, thereby reducing the need to avail conventional inspection methods.

Additionally, Ardenna and 360 Rail Services will work together to introduce drone-based aerial data procurement and defect identification for the industrial rail sector.

Ardenna solutions is said to have been tested on main line rail, where it covered more than 28,000 miles and processed over three million images.

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“Our existing rail customers have already recognised the improvements to human safety and track availability.”

360 Rail Services CEO Larry Stockton said: “360 Rail Services has earned a reputation for exceptional service by applying innovative new technologies to reduce or eliminate our customer’s problems, making 360 Rail the industry’s ‘go to’ provider of rail services.

“We are now building on this foundation of innovation by partnering with Ardenna and selecting their automated rail defect detection SaaS to enable our new drone-based aerial track inspection services.”

Ardenna focuses on delivering artificial intelligence (AI)-based defect detection software. The AI-based software algorithms will enable the company to carry out automated and consistent rail track inspections.

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Besides detecting defects on the line, the process enables data collection about rail track conditions and schedule preventive track maintenance works.

Ardenna Business Development director David Patterson said: “We are excited to be selected by 360 Rail to provide the defect detection capabilities for their new industrial rail yard inspection offering.

“Our existing rail customers have already recognised the improvements to human safety and track availability that we believe will also directly benefit industrial companies utilising 360 Rail’s new inspection service.”