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Susanne Hauner

High-speed ambitons for Texas: new issue of Future Rail out now

In this issue: a look at the Houston-Dallas high-speed line, the EU’s view on digitalisation in the rail sector, automating infrastructure design in the UK, and more.

Future Rail: Issue 45

In this issue: Best of the projects coming up in 2017, New York Penn Station’s revamp, dealing with delay compensation and alcohol consumption, green alternatives for non-electrified lines, turning locomotives into inspectors, and more.

Future Rail: Issue 38

In this issue: A new streetcar for New York, Crossrail’s learning legacy, connecting Iran, the business case for improving accessibility on rail networks, drone inspections in the US and more.

Future Rail: Issue 36

In this issue: railway development in Nigeria, the Helsinki-Tallinn rail tunnel plan, rolling stock procurement in Europe, the state of rail safety in the US, tackling emissions at stations and more.