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The world’s 10 longest railway networks

The United States has the world’s longest railway network, followed by China and India. profiles the 10 largest railway networks in the world based on total operating length.

The world’s worst train disasters

Many of the worst train accidents in history occurred in the early 20th and 21st centuries, a testament to the march of technology and the importance of railway safety. The causes behind most of these disasters could be nailed down to brake failures, derailments or accidental fires. lists the 10 worst train accidents in the world.

The world’s longest high-speed railway lines

Six of the ten longest high-speed railway (HSR) lines in the world are located in China, while the remaining four are in Spain, Japan, Russia and the UK.

The world’s longest railway tunnels

Seven of the world’s longest railway tunnels are located in Asia, including four in Japan and two in China. Europe is home to three of the 10 longest, including the UK’s Channel Tunnel. profiles the world’s longest railway tunnels.

The longest high speed rail networks in China

The rapid expansion of high speed rail networks in China has attracted much attention. The country only began constructing high speed lines as late as 2005, but already boasts an operational high-speed network exceeding 10,000km, with the target for 2020 projected at 50,000km. profiles the five longest high speed rail corridors in China, based on the length completed as of 2013.