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Doha Metro: on track for the next World Cup

In May, Qatar Rail announced the soft launch of its brand new Doha Metro project ahead of schedule and with a good safety record in construction, according to the operator. Here is a look at the project and how it fits into Qatar’s wider rail plans ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

Houston, we have a project: Texas’ high-speed railway

Texas’ ongoing high-speed project has recently been named among the top infrastructure projects in a Strategic 100 Global Infrastructure Report. Here is a look at the project and how it is bidding to become America’s first high-speed rail network.

Have Spanish rail incident investigations been compromised?

In January, the European Commission issued a formal notice to Spain for failing to meet EU requirements for rail safety. Specifically, it alleges inadequacies in the methods used when investigating railway accidents and incidents. Is there something rotten at the core of Spanish rail accident investigations?

How personal can personalised disruption messaging get?

In the UK, National Rail is trialing new technology that will allow personalised travel information to come through Facebook Messenger, pushing the boundaries of just how personal messaging can get. So how close are we to devices which can reliably help us beat the crowds?