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Luke Christou is a B2B and technology journalist and contributor across the Verdict network.

Next stop, 2023: rail trends and predictions for the coming year

The rail sector continues a healthy rate of recovery after the setbacks from Covid-19; but there will be more hurdles in 2023.

Is Qatar’s rail network ready for the World Cup?

The awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was controversial for a host of reasons, not least the nation’s capability to host the large influx of visitors for the tournament

Tokyu Railways goes full steam ahead on its sustainability journey

As much of Japan lags behind in its transition to green energy, the Tokyo-based operator continues its efforts to decarbonise.

Is freight a pipe dream for Virgin Hyperloop?

Virgin Hyperloop’s announcement of a bold pivot to a freight-only model has raised questions as to how it can challenge an already efficient rail freight sector.

Legionella: is there danger lurking in railway water systems?

While only present at low levels, Legionella poses a significant health and safety concern that rail operators must take seriously.

Will Amtrak ever break even?

US rail company Amtrak had a banner year in 2019, bringing the network closer than ever to the operational break-even point after decades of losses. Can the US’s foremost passenger rail provider overcome the remaining barriers to profitability, or will political hostility and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic set it back?