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Lucy Ingham

Future Rail: Issue 11

In this issue: We look at how research into tram-trains is set to influence urban travel, improvements to Manila’s light rail system, and how companies are using biometrics to improve productivity and much more.

UK needs a long-term rail strategy: Arriva boss

The UK managing director of Arriva, Bob Holland, has criticised the UK government for failing to develop a long-term rail strategy.

Future Rail: Issue 10

In this issue: We look at proposed tube transport systems Hyperloop and ET3, announce the Future Rail Awards winner, profile the world’s fastest trains, consider the role of aerodynamics in rolling stock design and much more.

Future Rail: Issue 9

In this issue: We look the benefits 4G networks can bring to rail operators and passengers, explore Canada’s safety overhaul, consider a futuristic virtual ticketing concept and learn about the benefits of hydrogen-compatible systems.