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Katie Woodward

Future Rail – Issue 65

In this issue: TfL’s plans to bring mobile networks to the underground, Spain’s state-of-the-art high-speed network, how new rail project in Thailand could boost the economy, Brazil’s abandoned lines, retail opportunities for stations, and more.

Future Rail – Issue 64

In this issue: Network Rail’s ruthless new tree clearance plans, an AR app being trialled in Sweden’s train stations, the world’s most dangerous railways, how to improve UK rail fares, a closer look at metro lines around the globe, and more.

Future Rail – Issue 63

In this issue: Tracking cargo with digital technologies, the 18km Fehmarnbelt tunnel, upgrading New York City’s subway, 165 years of Indian Railways, plans to reform France’s SNCF rail company, UK track electrification plans, and more.