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All aboard the Stockholm–Berlin night train

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of the Malmö–Berlin train route. A year later, Swedish operator Snälltåget has launched a new night train service to link Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. We profile the new railway to find out how it came to be and how it fits within the bigger night train renaissance at the EU level.

Should train guards wear body cameras?

As the number of assaults against rail personnel has increased in the last few years, operators such as Virgin Trains and South Western Railway have decided to adopt body cameras to protect the safety of staff. We look at whether body cameras are the way forward, or if they infringe on citizens’ right to privacy.

The technology that will improve post-pandemic UK rail journeys

The theme of this year’s First of a Kind competition was building back railway in a greener and more-passenger friendly way to attract back travellers a year and a half after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We round up some of the most interesting technologies to find out how they will help bring back capacity to the UK railway network.

Enabling a safe return to rail travel: lessons from IRITS

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, passenger numbers are recovering but many people still don’t feel comfortable taking railways. To attract travellers back to rail travel, stakeholders are coming up with new ways to enable a safe return to rail travel. Here is what we learnt.

Unveiling the next generation of French high-speed trains

Unveiled almost 40 years after its first showcase, the new TGV model, TGV-M, is expected to become a beacon of the French railway industry and its innovative approach to design and sustainability. We profile the high-speed train, retracing its history and focusing on its net-zero approach.

Q&A: Using Formula One technology to boost rail connectivity

If you think Formula One and the rail industry have nothing in common, think again. McLaren Applied has demonstrated this using its connectivity solution, which was originally developed for its racing team and later expanded to its competitors, to upgrade the Wi-Fi system of UK railway operator Avanti West Coast’s fleet of trains. We speak to McLaren Applied to find out how a Formula One communication system can be also successfully used aboard trains.

Q&A: becoming a telecommunications businesswoman in railway

Even though there are still more men working in the railway sector, women such as Emma Dymond – founder of railway telecommunications firm Motion Rail – have managed to thrive in the industry. We speak to Dymond about Motion Rail and why she decided to become her own boss.

Debate: Are train guards still necessary?

The question of whether train guards are still needed in the UK led to a four-year battle between workers and rail operators. We explore both sides of the debate: the union members who fought for jobs to be preserved, and the rail operators pushing for flexibility and progress.

Inside the British public’s perception of railway transport

As the last lockdown restrictions are lifted, British people are preparing for a “return to normalcy” but many of them still have reservations when it comes to using public transport, especially the railway system. We find out the reasons behind these doubts and what the industry can do to ease their worries.

Timeline: The South Western Rail guard dispute

After a strike lasting four years and 74 days, the dispute between the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport worker and UK rail provider South Western Rail has reached its conclusion, with both parties compromising. We trace a timeline of the dispute’s biggest events, from its inception to its conclusion in April 2021.