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The Chinese firms hot on the heels of Europe’s rail infrastructure giants

According to a study of railway infrastructure suppliers, Chinese manufacturers are catching up with their European counterparts. Siemens and Voestalpine remain the market leaders, but can they maintain such a position in the face of fierce competition?

Level crossings: why are people still running the risk?

Level crossings represent one of the rail sector’s biggest safety concerns. Why, despite the numerous warnings and, tragically, deaths, are people still running the risk?

No time to waste: third-generation trains in the spotlight

It has been argued that while the UK rail industry is now introducing rolling stock that is more advanced than ever, the time has come to focus on pushing the envelope even further with pioneering designs. But what defines third-generation railway cars?

Is a Siemens-Bombardier joint venture a real possibility?

Siemens and Bombardier are reportedly in talks to merge their rail operations to compete more effectively with Chinese state-backed giant CRRC. The challenges and implications, however, should not be understated.

Lost and found: how is technology changing lost property?

From the mundane, such as umbrellas, coats and other everyday objects, to the somewhat baffling – a microwave or widescreen television: lost property is an unavoidable occurrence on any railway network. Now, third-party start-ups are trying to take the lost and found process online.

The driverless freight train: as imagined in Germany

Researchers from the German Aerospace Centre have developed concepts for what they are calling the freight trains of the future. What makes these trains different to current models?

Connecting the region: Canada’s express rail project

The Canadian Government has announced funding of up to $C1.8bn for the GO Transit Regional Express Rail project in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area of southern Ontario. The scheme will see 150km of new track installed, as well as electrification of lines, new trains, and new and upgraded stations.

Slotting in UK rail freight

A two-year industry collaboration to determine the efficiency of the UK’s freight rail network has culminated in a massive timetable shakeup. How will the sector adapt to these changing times?

Rail’s ‘adaptable carriage’: heading for trials

In 2015, British firm 42 Technology was selected as one of three winners in the international ‘Tomorrow’s Train Design Today’ competition. The idea, of an adaptable carriage that can be used to transport passengers and freight, is now ready for industry trials.

Queensland’s new trains: testing times

Criticism is growing in Queensland, Australia, after it emerged that new trains being built and delivered from India by the Qtectic consortium are plagued by issues. What has gone wrong and can this rolling stock delivery contract get back on track?