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In search of the perfect steel

Track maintenance and renewal are significant cost elements for network operators, but the actual rails themselves account for very little of the bulk of that expense. According to Dr Jay Jaiswal, visiting professor at the Institute of Railway Research (IRR) and a leading specialist metallurgist with years of experience in industry, the delivered price of the track represents just 10% of the total replacement cost of a kilometre of line.

High-speed rail for India: Has the time finally come?

India’s rail industry has suffered from decades of low investment and a long-term policy of subsidised fares. Could the newly elected Prime Minister Narenda Modi’s majority administration be what the country needs to finally see the implementation of the high-speed service that was first mooted more than thirty years ago?

Securing London’s railways – an Olympic challenge

As London reaches the final phase of the Olympic countdown, the city’s rail infrastructure is gearing up for a busy ride. Dr Gareth Evans speaks to the British Transport Police’s Gold commander for the Olympics, to find what measures are being put in place to handle this massive safety and security challenge.

Thinking smart – new ticketing initiatives

New ticketing initiatives are helping passenger’s move smoothly and seamlessly across international lines. Dr Gareth Evans finds out how paper tickets are becoming a thing of the past and how new technologies are bringing about a host of new benefits, including improved efficiency, promoting rail travel and encouraging truly intermodal transport.

Eurostar’s Freight Expectations

Eurotunnel has recently announced its intention to run a high-speed freight service through the Channel Tunnel. Gareth Evans speaks to John Keefe, head of Eurotunnel communications, to find out more about the operator’s plans, the issues involved and why now is the right time to be doing it.