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California High Speed Rail – back on track?

The California High Speed Rail project, the cornerstone of America’s bid to renew and reinvigorate its underdeveloped railway infrastructure, has begun to veer off the tracks as recent state court actions raise serious concerns regarding the availability of funding to complete the project. Frances Marcellin looks at the road ahead for a new era of rail travel in the US

Supplying the UK’s Intercity Express with Hitachi Rail COO Andy Barr

Hitachi’s rolling stock supply deal for the UK’s Intercity Express Programme is anticipated to boost revenue by £3.3bn through improved reliability and journey times. Frances Marcellin spoke to Hitachi Rail’s newly-appointed chief operating officer Andy Barr to learn more

A window of opportunity – inside the GCC rail revolution

The Gulf Coast Countries’ transport industry is at a turning point as they experience their biggest rail boom yet. Frances Marcellin explores its future which includes a $200bn, 2,200km railway line project

SafeRail wins inaugural Future Rail Innovation in Safety award 2013

SafeRail, a joint project by Berner & Mattner and the European Space Agency to improve level crossing safety, has been selected as the winner of the inaugural Future Rail Innovation in Safety award 2013.

Inside Masabi’s cloud-based mobile ticketing revolution

As smartphone usage increases ticket sales are booming, led by industry innovators like Masabi. Frances Marcellin (Née Cook) spoke with Ben Whitaker, founder and CEO of Masabi, about the nuts and bolts of mobile ticketing and fare collection and to find why he describes the company’s migration to Amazon Web Services as “a breath of fresh air.”

How biometrics are transforming onsite time and attendance tracking

Railway construction projects have always been under considerable pressure to finish on schedule and one area that poses a particular challenge is onsite time and attendance reporting. Ollie McGovern of Simeio explores how technology is revolutionising time and attendance tracking in railway construction.

Saving energy to create sustainable subways

Research has shown that saving just five percent of energy in a subway station is equivalent to the amount of energy used by 700 households in a year. A new research project from the EU, SEAM4US, currently on trial in Barcelona, aims to develop an advanced control system capable of optimising energy use across Europe’s railway infrastructure.

The 4G rail revolution

How is the evolution of mobile internet improving travel for rail passengers and operations for the companies that serve them? Frances Cook reports.

Shortlist announced for Future Rail Innovation in Safety Awards 2013

While rail may be one of the safest forms of transport, recent tragedies in Spain, France and Canada prove that when accidents happen they can be disastrous. While much of the work done to improve safety relies on perfecting the design and management of successful networks, innovation in new technologies remains crucial. To celebrate innovation in this field Future Rail has shortlisted a selection of new technological endeavours, tasked with the important role of saving lives.

Is the air in underground subways harming our health?

New research from Southampton University has shown that ultrafine dust particles – which are unregulated in the UK – are metal rich and more likely to cause health problems, such as cancer and emphysema, in workers and passengers than the larger, regulated dust particles.