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Captive audience: could railway companies learn from the media industry?

Rail companies have access to huge audiences every day, so should they be thinking more like the media and implementing similar strategies in order to grow and develop? Exterion Media Group development director Jason Cotterrell believes that key lessons could be adapted to enhance the customer experience, and that similar advancement in data and technology could unlock future potential.

Using tech to transform the traveller experience

Organisations looking to thrive in the 21st century are beginning to make the delivery of a superlative customer experience a priority. Train operating companies are not immune to this imperative and need to understand the expectations of the modern, connected traveller as Rebecca Crook, business development director at The BIO Agency explains.

Train Zero: making next-generation rolling stock safer and more reliable

Celebrated at the recent Rail Business Awards, Frazer-Nash and Bombardier’s co-designed Train Zero testing facility has the potential to revolutionise the design process of the next generation of rolling stock. With Crossrail looming large in the backdrop, Richard Jones, Frazer-Nash’s business manager, rail sector, lays out the benefits of this new technology.

A city built on rail – the vision behind Vinge

Henning Larsen Architects has a blank canvas to design the new sustainable city of Vinge in Denmark. Its master plan for the 370ha greenfield site, just north of Copenhagen, envisions 4,000 workplaces alongside homes, schools, sports centres and other public facilities. Construction will be completed in 2033 and 20,000 residents will then call Vinge home.

Russian Railways – propelling LNG into the rail mainstream?

Liquefied natural gas is gaining traction as an alternative rail propulsion system, and Russian Railways has conducted a series of tests into how its railroads may reap the benefits of this new technology. With Russia home to massive natural gas reserves, is it ready to propel LNG into the rail mainstream?

Future of Rail 2050 – innovative and off-the-wall solutions

Future of Rail 2050, a new report by engineering firm Arup, throws up some innovative and occasionally off-the-wall solutions to the challenges that the rail industry is likely to face. Rod James reports.

Stations in the sky: The Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub

Can skyscrapers and train stations really go together? Meet the Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub, an ambitious concept aiming to resolve the dual challenges of space utilisation and connectivity that tomorrow’s cities will face. Ross Davies caught up with designer Christopher Christophi to find out more.

Next stop London – Hitachi Global CEO Alistair Dormer discusses global expansion

Hitachi Rail is one of the biggest global companies in the world and has over 320,000 employees worldwide. The decision to move its headquarters from Tokyo, Japan, to London in the UK, is driven by the company’s increasing international business. It shows a high level of confidence in UK rail and also underlines the importance of the European market to the company’s growth.

Technology to provide a more focused customer view

In today’s competitive environment every effort needs to be made to maximise revenue and tailor a service for each and every passenger on-board. Simon Pont, CEO of ECR Retail Systems explains how the right infrastructure, complemented with the best technology, can boost customer satisfaction and improve business performance.

Optical sensor technology – revolutionising train monitoring

Fibre optic sensors could hold the key to reducing train accidents and improving overall railway safety. Ross Davies asks Professor Hwayaw Tam of Hong Kong Polytechnic University about the technology and its potential roll-out.