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UK’s rail strikes set to prolong domestic tourism recovery

The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) has called for three 24-hour strikes in a week in late June, including a Saturday.

Rail infrastructure must improve if UK is to meet sustainability goals

According to UK government figures, the British transportation sector is estimated to have been responsible for approximately 24% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020.

India and luxury rail travel: a model for success

India has done an excellent job of following the growing premiumisation trend and made enormous improvement in this particular market segment.

Lumo’s low-cost rail launch meets budget and environmental concerns

Lumo’s launch of low-cost rail services could disrupt current rail and air services between London and Edinburgh.

Hyperloop travel will become a future disruptor in tourism

Hyperloop will bring sustainability and faster travel, with potential to disrupt competing industries once operational by 2030.

Air France’s ‘Train + Air’ programme reaffirms commitment to environmental sustainability

The ‘Train + Air’ programme by Air France proves the airline’s stance on sustainability and highlights its advantage for travellers’ growing environmental sustainability awareness.

Egencia’s air vs rail comparison tool pushes for more sustainable business travel

The air vs rail comparison technology introduced by Egencia Travel will revolutionise business travelling for a more sustainable and cost-friendly future.

UK domestic inter-rail pass could spark rail boom for summer 2021

The UK Government and the National Lottery develop an inter-rail travel pass, which could boost the already popular UK domestic tourism.

Twitter round-up: Mark Smith’s tweet on Covid-19 reviving Europe’s sleeper trains most popular tweet in Q3

Railway Technology lists five of the most popular tweets on railways in Q3 based on data from GlobalData’s Influencer Platform.